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Ferry to Kyllini - Aerial top down view to the beautiful beach of Kyllini, West Peloponnese, Greece, with umbrellas in the golden sand.
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Tourists who embark on the ferry to Kyllini are traveling from a very famous and historical town in the western Greek mainland to Zante, Kefalonia and Ithaca!

The ancient Greek adventurer and geographer Pausanias so as famous author Homer, stated that Kyllini (Killini) has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The small town is situated in the northwest coast of the Peloponnese peninsula in the Ionian Sea. It is known for its natural spas (hot springs), the miles and miles of golden sand beaches and for the well-known medieval castle, Chlemoutsi. Kyllini covers an area of 49,322 square kilometers, its population density is 96, 8 inhabitants per square kilometer and has about 4,700 permanent inhabitants. The small port of the city has become well-developed and very important for passenger shipping and travelers of all ages from all around the world are visiting Kullini with most of them using it as a getaway to the Ionian Islands of Zakynthos (Zante), Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Kyllini ferries

There are many daily conventional ferries to Kyllini, like the Kyllini Zakynthos with a ferry duration not more than an hour. Same goes to the Kyllini ferries to Poros in Kefalonia route with the difference in the voyage duration which is about 1.30 hour. The ferries from Kyllini to Ithaca operate only in the summer season and the average journey time is 2 hours.

Port of Kyllini

Since it is a very small town, it won’t be hard to reach the Kyllini port. Despite its small size, the particular port has grown over the years due to the fact that it is very busy, especially in summer season for its connections to the famous and much-visited islands of Zante, Kefalonia and Ithaca.

If you want everything scheduled, please call the Kyllini Taxis in order to organize your transportation to the port in advance.

Kyllini is easily accessible from the capital of Greece, Athens but also from Thessaloniki in the north. The distance between the center of Athens and Kyllini is around 290 km and from Thessaloniki to Kyllini 530 km.

Athens to Kyllini

After arriving in Athens, go to Kifissos Bus Station and board the bus to Kyllini with a stopover to Patras. The average trip time is 6 hours and the cost is about 40 Euros. Please, visit Athens to Kyllini Bus for further details.

Note that there is always the alternative of using a taxi or renting a car but they are the most expensive choices.

Patras to Kyllini

Patras is relatively close to Kyllini (73km). In order to get transferred to the port of Kyllini from Patras, you can either use the bus or a taxi. Please, keep in mind that the bus does not go directly to Kyllini but firstly, it arrives in Pyrgos. More information about the routes and schedules in Patras to Kyllini Bus.

You always have the alternative of using a taxi for a faster and more comfortable trip, having in mind though, that they are more expensive than the public transportation means. If you want to book one, please, visit Patras to Kyllini Taxis.

Thessaloniki to Kyllini

Take the bus from Macedonia Bus Station and get directly to Kyllini in around 7 hours. Have in mind that the Thessaloniki to Kyllini Buses operate only twice a week, Monday and Friday with the cost of around 60 Euros.

Holidays in Kyllini

Kyllini is a little city but the surrounding areas like Kasto, Kato Panagia, Neochori, Loutra Killinis and the Golden Beach include some fine hotels and resorts and are definitely worth visiting. Its thermal springs among green nature are said to have healing capabilities and its beach in Arkoudi has been awarded with the blue flag. Don’t forget to stop and take pictures of the famous Chlemoutsi Castle in Kastro facing the Ionian Sea. Ancient Olympia is too, a must-see since it is known for its hosting of the first Olympic Games and you will have the opportunity to wander around the ancient facilities.

Kyllini Hotels and Resorts

There are many Kyllini hotels and resorts in and around the city with some of them being luxurious providing many conveniences and facilities like pools, gyms, spas and sport activities.

Below is a list of the most popular accommodations according to customer reviews:

  • Robinson Club Kyllini Beach
  • Grecotel Kyllini
  • Olympia Golden Beach Resort
  • Hotel Ionion
  • Ionion Beach Apartment Hotel
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