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Book online your Meander Travel ferry tickets when you want to travel from the Greek islands towards the Turkish Coast and benefit by saving up to 20%!

Meander was founded in 1977 and is based in Kusadasi, Turkey. It offers ferry connections from Kusadasi to Samos’ port, Vathi, Samos to Kusadasi and from Samos to other Greek islands on a daily bases especially in the summer season.

The Meander Ferries fleet is composed of KUSADASI and Meander EXPRESS which can carry 294 passengers and 240 passengers respectively.

By traveling with Meander ships, you are able to explore the beauties and culture of both Turkey and Greece. Book in advance with Meander Ferries and cruise along the turquoise coasts and make memories and experiences that will last forever.

Samos, located west of the Turkish coastal town Kusadasi, is a very historical island and ideal for those who prefer to mix relaxation with a little bit of education. Beautiful beaches along with green nature and wildlife are some of Samos’ qualifications. Its famous wine couldn’t be missed from the list of its goods.

In addition, Kusadasi is a very famous tourist destination in western Turkey, facing Samos. Its main economy is based on tourist activities and it gets very crowded in the high summer season.

Learn about the Roman Empire and the Turkish culture, take a dive in the wide blue sea of the Aegean Sea and feel the sun warming up your skin.


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