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Get on-board the signature ships of the massive Moby Lines, start your journeys from the Italian mainland and reach your destination in a charming atmosphere!

Firstly, named as Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino or else NAVARMA, the company was founded in 1959 in Italy. It started its virgin journeys with the ship called “M/S Maria Maddalena” and as the successful years of operation among Sardinia and the close islands were passing by, more ships were being added until today where the current fleet is composed of 15 big and small modern vessels.

Nowadays, with a multi-year experience, the routes that the company is running are those between the Italian mainland and the ports of Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Elba and the Tremiti Islands.

It is worth noting that Moby Lines is trying its best to improve in terms of ships and crews so the result is that they managed to make their fleet eco-friendlier, reducing environmental pollution to minimum.

Moby Lines Ferry

Every big Moby Lines Ferry is painted with the well-known Warner Bros cartoons on its sides, making them very colorful and eye-catching. The carrier has reached an agreement with Warner Bros and their movies are being projected on the ships’ indoor cinemas. On the other hand, the smaller vessels which are mostly used for hopping between islands, carry the famous logo of the shipping company which is the Blue Whale.

It is not coincidence that the company has been awarded with the seal of quality, “Service Winner of Italy” for its quality / price ratio. According to customers who have tested more than 900 companies, Moby gained a place on the top.

Book in advance your tickets since Moby is a very popular ferry operator and its capacity tends to run out very fast!

Accommodation & Amenities

All Moby ferries provide plenty of accommodation options, so make sure you book the most convenient one. There is a choice between deck seats which can be found both in the interior and the exterior of the respective vessel, armchairs which are more comfortable and thus, more suitable for sleeping and of course, cabins or suites which are definitely the most relaxing way to travel.

The company also gives passengers the opportunity to book a cabin with the Moby Night formula. This means that they can book a cabin and embark the night before the departure, within 8 pm and 11.30 pm. Note that this occurs only to specific routes.

Services On-board

Inside and outside the ships you can find many options to spend your time and make your voyage more entertaining. Below are shown all the things you can do on-board during your crossing:

  • Have a meal in one of the many eating places. These are the a la carte restaurant with its delicious cuisine, the self-service restaurant and the pizzeria with their excellent quality materials and last, the opportunity (if you booked a cabin) to even dine in your cabin.
  • Enjoy a snack or a coffee at the inside snack bar
  • Enjoy a relaxing drink or cocktail under the enchanting music of the piano bar
  • Watch a Warner Bros movie at the ship’s cinema
  • Visit the outside bar, drink a refreshment and admire the blue sea
  • Take a dip at the outdoor pool under the hot summer sun
  • Lastly, do some shopping at the boutique or spend some time in the electronic games room


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