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Begin your ferry crossings between Italy, western Greece and Albania with the Red Star Ferries fleet and witness the beauty of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas!

The Red Star Ferries shipping company which is also known as Seamed Trading Shipping and is based in Brindisi, Italy, operates in cooperation with European Ferries offering departures on 12 routes including Italy, the Ionian Islands and Albania.

The carrier can transfer you in four and a half hours between Italy’s eastern coast, Brindisi and the opposing Vlore, on the west side of Albania. Vlore is a very beautiful town and a gateway to see many Albanian interesting sites and beaches. The company also provides twice a week, crossings from Italy to the town of Saranda, the Albanian Riviera and during the summer months when traffic gets bigger, to the Ionian archipelagos including the islands of Paxos, Kefalonia and Zakynthos where you can enjoy their breathtaking beaches and sceneries, with average crossing time 8 hours.

The Red Star Ferries fleet is composed of four large, conventional ships that can carry big numbers of passengers, vehicles and trailers. They are also providing many amenities on board so as to make your voyage more comfortable and enjoyable.

Red Star 1 ferry is a well-equipped vessel with a professional crew whose first priority is the passengers’ safety and pleasant journey. The particular ship is offering a variety of cozy and luxurious cabins with plenty of space and stunning views over the endless blue sea as well as comfortable air type seats. Onboard entertainment and amenities are offered in the form of cafeterias, bars, shops, eating places and large lounge areas.


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