Camping on Board Greece

Camping on board Greece is the most inexpensive alternative to travel to Greece with your vehicle!

By booking camping on board Greece you are not obliged to purchase a Deck, ATS (Air Type Seat) or Cabin ticket additional to your camper ticket. With the camper ticket you are entitled to use your own camper during the entire trip duration. Of course, you have access to all areas on board and you may use all facilities.

Camping on board Greece, though, is only available on the Italy-Greece-Italy route. If you additionally book a Greek domestic route you still will have to choose between Deck, ATS or Cabin accommodation. Availability of those tickets is limited, please, hurry!

Ferry operator specific exceptions to the information given can be found on the following web pages:

Camping on Board Greek Ferries

… with pets

The following information on camping on board Greek ferries with pets applies to all ferry operators offering the camping on board service.

Ferry travelers often express their wish to take their pet with them. That is absolutely possible! Your pet is even allowed to spend the night with you in the camper. No additional costs are charged. If your pet, though, is noisy and disturbs other passengers, it might spend the crossing in the designated pet crates which are usually located on the roofed deck of the ship.

If you travel with one or more pets and access to the camper during the passage is not allowed, (in this case you may use, if available, an inside cabin for the price of a deck passage plus camper vehicle or you can choose between ATS and Deck) you will have the following options for the accommodation of your four-legged friends:

  • Pet in cabins with a surcharge of ca. 25,00 to 50,00 Euros per passage and per pet. It's online bookable!!
  • Pet in kennels in designated areas of the ship, usually on the roofed deck. They are available for a surcharge of ca. 20,00 Euros per passage and pet. It's online bookable!!
  • Pet on deck is free of charge. It's online bookable!!

During the passage you can walk your pet freely on deck. There are designated areas for your pet’s privacy. Pets are not allowed in the indoor facilities of the ships (restaurants, bars, lounges, etc.). There are exception regulations for passengers with special needs who travel with their trained pet. They will have to present a resp. attestation.

For more information on traveling with pets, please, go to our web page Pets on Board!


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