Camping on board Greece

Camping on board Greece - open deck for camping in your vehicle

Camping on board Greece is the most inexpensive way to travel with the greek ferries from Italy to Greece with your camper, caravan, minibus with WC and pet!

When traveling with your camper, you can choose between two services: camping on board and camping all-inclusive. Both offered services are more cost-efficient than traveling with a regular vehicle and are distinguished as follows:

  • Camping on board: save on the cabin price by paying only the deck passage p.p. plus the vehicle price and stay in your vehicle during the entire ferry crossing
  • Camping all-inclusive: get an inside cabin for the price of the deck passage p.p. plus the vehicle price and a 30% discount on all meals and drinks on board (staying in the camper is not allowed).
  • 220V power supply for your vehicle in a closed garage
  • Usage of all public areas of the ship
  • Opt-in with your camper, caravan, or minibus with WC
  • Include your baggage or boat trailer for an extra charge


Greek ferries camping on board

The following information on greek ferries camping on board with pets applies to all ferry operators offering camping on board on Italy Greece Italy routes.

On greek domestic routes (e.g., Athens to Crete), the camping on board service is unavailable. However, from Greece, you can continue your camper trip to the greek islands or Turkey by choosing a standard rate (deck, ATS or cabin). You will have to park your vehicle in a closed garage without an electricity supply.


Camping on board with pets

Ferry travelers often express their wish to travel with their pets. Finally, traveling with pets is possible and, more importantly, now online bookable!

Your pet can spend the night with you in the camper at no additional charge (Anek Superfast Ferries camping on board). If it’s noisy, though, and disturbs other passengers, it might spend the crossing in the designated pet crates area, which is usually located on the roofed deck of the ship.

You can walk your pet freely on the open deck during the crossing. There are designated areas for your pet’s privacy. Pets are not allowed in the indoor facilities of the ships (restaurants, bars, lounges, etc.).


Camping all-inclusive with pets

If access to your camper is not permitted during the entire crossing time (Minoan Lines camping all-inclusive), you have the following options for the accommodation of your pets:

  • Pet in cabin for a surcharge of ca. 25,00 to 50,00 Euro per passage and pet.
  • Pet in kennel in designated areas of the ship, usually on the roofed deck, for a surcharge of ca. 20,00 Euro per passage and pet
  • Pet on deck is free of charge

All the above options are online bookable via the isferry booking system!


Online bookings with pets

Our dedicated pets on board page gives information on traveling with pets (with or without the camping on board service) and online pet bookings.


Passengers with special needs & pets

Although pets are not allowed in the indoor areas of the ships, exceptional regulations are held for passengers with special needs who travel with their trained pets. A valid attestation must be present during booking, check-in and embarkation.

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