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Book online with Anek Superfast from Italy to Greece with or without camping on board as well as from Athens to Crete, to Cyclades and to Dodecanese Islands!

Anek Superfast Ferries is a merge between two of the most iconic greek ferry operators, Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries which occur on both the Adriatic and the Aegean Sea. Together they cover a much wider route network by merging their vessels into one big fleet and for many consecutive years, they interconnect successfully the Italian ports of Ancona, Venice and Bari with the Greek ports Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras as well as the biggest port of Athens, Piraeus with Heraklion and Chania in Crete.

In addition, as Aegeon Pelagos, they expand their route network from Piraeus to the Cyclades and to Dodecanese Islands by connecting Crete with the islands of Milos and Santorini as well as with Karpathos, Rhodes and more.

For more details please check the schedules and routes section or use our booking engine for real-time results.

Anek Superfast Ferries

Anek Superfast Ferries distinguish themselves in quality, safety, dynamics, environmental friendliness, premium-quality facilities and professional crew members. On both international and domestic routes, passengers receive a very high standard of accommodation and passage.

Anek Lines Superfast

Anek Lines Superfast has been cooperating since June 8, 2011, on the routes from Italy to Greece and from Piraeus to Crete. The cooperation of these two large shipping companies (Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries) results in the most flexible usage of their ultra-modern fleet.

Anek Superfast Camping on Board

With the Anek Superfast camping on board service you

  • pay for a deck passage per person plus the vehicle price
  • enjoy the comfort of your own camper during the entire ferry crossing
  • park your vehicle in a roofed garage
  • receive a 220V power supply
  • have access to all public areas of the ship
  • can include your boat or baggage trailer in the booking (for an extra charge)

See also our dedicated camping on board info pages for more details.

Routes included in the Service

All Italy - Greece - Italy routes apply to the service:

  • Ancona - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras
  • Venice - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras
  • Bari - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras

Validity Period of the Service

  • from 1st April to 31st October
  • click on the pdf symbol of the schedules & prices section to receive all itineraries within the mentioned period
  • or use directly our booking engine for real-time results

If you wish to begin your camper journey before 1st April, and assuming that cabins are available, you will be given an inside cabin for the price of a deck ticket plus the camper vehicle price.

Please note, that this exception does not take effect every year in this form. To find out more please use our booking engine or contact us.

Service Details

With the Anek Superfast camping on board option, you can use the comfort of your own camper van during the entire journey. The vehicle is parked in a dedicated pitch on the roofed deck of the ship with free access to a 220V electricity supply.

Safety Instructions

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use gas or fire during the entire passage. Of course, access is granted to all public areas (bars, cafeterias, restaurants, decks and WC's) of the ferry ship.

Anek Superfast Booking

Check below the reasons you should make your Anek Superfast booking early:

  • It is a very popular ferry operator, whose capacity tends to be booked out very fast
  • Secure the price of your tickets and be sure that currency changes don’t affect you
  • By booking Anek Superfast tickets now and not later, you are ensuring more holiday time
  • Balance your holiday budget by including the price of your ticket in this month’s credit card statement

Anek Superfast Cabins

Here, you get information about the Anek Superfast cabins and seats along with other accommodation and amenities options:

Economy Seats

  • The seats for the deck passage (economy deck) are spread on all decks and can be occupied freely (you have free choice of seats)
  • The interior seats as well as close to the bar or cafeteria are more comfortable for they have the form of armchairs
  • The outdoor seats, e.g. on the pool deck, are not that comfortable and not suitable for longer journeys because they are just plastic chairs
  • Passengers can take advantage of the outside facilities and relish a cool drink on the sun deck while enjoying the beautiful blue sea
  • In the economy class passengers store their luggage in racks which are arranged in different areas of the ferry and therefore the luggage may not be near the seat

Air Type Seats (ATS)

  • The reclining seats (aircraft-type seats) are numbered seats and passengers with an airline seat ticket are shown to those seats
  • The seats are located in separate lounges which are big enough to invite you for a short nap
  • All seats inside the lounges are similar and passengers have also the choice to store their luggage in the designated racks near their seats
  • The private lounges can be compared to the first-class compartment on a train

Business Class & VIP

  • Business-class and VIP seats are located in a separate section with larger seats which are considered to be the most comfortable ones
  • Business-class and/or VIP sections have their own bars and are restricted to passengers with business class tickets


  • Cabins provide passengers the convenience of traveling more comfortably for a slightly higher price
  • Cabins are equipped with clean linen and towels and a separate bathroom with WC
  • Available are 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed inside and outside cabins
  • Inside cabins have no window and are suitable for passengers who get seasick for they are situated in a more central location of the vessel and are less susceptible to rocking
  • Outside cabins have a window with sea view
  • Deluxe cabins have plenty of space to relax as well as room service
  • Pet cabins distinguish themselves from other cabins in the absence of a carpet
  • Pure cabins are equipped with an ionizer for fresh air
  • Cabins can be shared with people of the same sex
  • Dormitory cabins have no bathroom and WC

Regardless of the booked accommodation type, all facilities on board are at your disposal during the entire journey - including restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's.

Pet Policy

Passengers traveling with their pet(s) can book online the following options:

  • Pet in cabin for a surcharge of 50 Euros per passage and pet. The availability of those cabins is limited and differs heavily from vessel to vessel. Pet cabins meet the same standards with regular cabins the only difference being the absence of a carpet.
  • Pet in kennel for a surcharge of 20 Euros per passage and pet. Pet kennels are located on the roofed deck of the ferry ship.
  • Pet on deck is free of charge. Pets on deck must be kept inside their own pet box or on a leash on the open deck during the entire passage.

For those who prefer to remain with their pet(s) in the camper, it is possible to book the camping on board option.

On our pets on board page, you will receive additional information on the pet policy.

Luggage Allowance

Anek Superfast vessels offer all passengers designated luggage areas with no luggage restrictions and no surcharges.

On our FAQ pages, you will get additional information.


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