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Book your tickets online and endure the unique experience traveling with the luxurious Minoan Lines from Greece to Italy and from Athens / Piraeus to Crete!

Minoan Lines have been a leading Greek maritime company for 43 years (since 1972), featuring an ultra-modern fleet. Minoan Ferries is characterized by its guaranteed quality, exemplary safety policy, developmental dynamism and respect for the environment (controlled by MARPOL).

The advanced equipment of the Minoan Lines ships and the reliable, motivated and service-oriented crew make up the company’s professional profile. Not only on domestic trips but also on international crossings, passengers are offered very high services regarding accommodation and route.

Minoan Ferry

Every Minoan ferry connects the Greek and Italian ferry ports (Ancona, Venice and Brindisi to Corfu, Igoumenitsa and Patras) and also Athens with Crete (Piraeus to Heraklion and Chania) as well as Athens with Cyclades Islands (Piraeus to Mykonos, Santorini etc). Please check the schedules and routes section for further details.

For Italy - Greece - Italy ferry routes, the camping all inclusive option is available all year round.

Minoan Lines Tickets

For the embarkation and check-in, passengers and vehicles must reach the port offices with their Minoan Lines tickets and follow the below instructions:

  • Passengers must reach the port at least 1 hour before the departure while vehicles 2 hours sooner
  • In case the time scheme mentioned is not held, the company is allowed to cancel your reservation with 100% cancellation fees.
  • The embarkation procedure, time and regulations are managed by the analogous port authorities
  • Owners of vehicles must follow the instructions of the Minoan ferry crew while embarking and disembarking
  • Occupants of the vehicles are asked to leave the vehicle before it is driven on board of the ferry

On our page Minoan Lines embarkation and check-in you will find all the relative information.

Minoan Lines Camping All-Inclusive

Below, you can read more detailed information about the service.

  • The camping all inclusive option provides an inside cabin in the economy ticket price plus the vehicle's price
  • There is a 30% discount on all meals and drinks during the entire voyage
  • The camping all inclusive option can be booked throughout the year and applies to every Italy - Greece - Italy route
  • Any access to the camper van is not permitted during the journey
  • The camper is parked in the closed parking lot with 220 V power
  • Access to all public facilities on board is provided (bars, cafeterias, decks, WC's etc.)

On our camping all inclusive page you will receive additional information.

Minoan Lines Booking

Beneath are some of the most critical reasons why you should book in advance your tickets:

  • Due to the fact that Minoan is a very popular ferry operator, its ticket capacity tends to run out rapidly
  • Book now and not later to be sure that currency fluctuations don’t affect you
  • By making your Minoan Lines booking earlier, you will enjoy more holiday time
  • Include the price of your ticket in the current month’s credit card statement and organize your holiday budget

For more information, go to our book in advance page.

Minoan Lines Business Seat

Here you can find out details about the Minoan Lines business seats and all other accommodation and amenities options so you make the most suitable choice.

Deck Passage Minoan

  • Or else called the economy deck. These seats are spread on all decks of the respective ferry and are free to be taken up
  • The interior ones and close to the bar or cafeteria are more comfortable since they are like armchairs
  • On the other hand, the outdoor ones are not that comfortable and thus not suitable for longer voyages but give you the opportunity to use the outside facilities and enjoy your journey while looking at the beautiful blue sea
  • In the economy class, passengers store their luggage in racks which are located in another area of the ferry meaning that they will not have them close

Aircraft Type Seats

  • The aircraft type seats or reclining seats are numbered and only passengers with an air type seat ticket can occupy them
  • These seats are based in separate lounges of the vessel and are big enough for a nap
  • Passengers have the choice to store their luggage in the designated racks near their seats
  • The Minoan ferry private lounges can be compared to the first-class compartment of a train

Business or VIP Seats

  • The most comfortable seats and also located in a specially made section of the ship
  • Those who have booked a business class ticket, have their own bars and are closed to other passengers


  • The most convenient way of traveling but also the most expensive
  • You can book a 2-bed cabin or a 4-bed cabin
  • All cabins include clean linen and towels, a separate bathroom and plenty of space
  • There are two types of cabins for booking. The inside cabins and the outside ones with the difference of that the outside cabins contain a window with a view over the sea
  • Finally, you have the choice of booking a deluxe cabin

No matter what type of accommodation on board you have booked, all facilities of the Minoan Lines ship are at your disposal during the voyage including restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's.

Pet Policy

Passengers who are cruising with one or more pets can book online one of the following options:

  • Pet in cabin which costs 50 Euros for each passage and for each pet. Pet cabins are limited and their numbers differ from vessel to vessel. Additionally, these cabins are just like normal cabins without containing a carpet though.
  • Pet in kennel on the roofed deck with an extra cost of 20 Euros per passage and pet
  • Pet on deck. Keep your pet on a leash or in its pet box on the open deck during the passage. In this case, no additional fees apply.

For further information about pet policy, please visit our pets on board and FAQ pages.

Luggage Allowance

The company offers to all passengers special luggage areas with no luggage restrictions and surcharges.

Minoan Early Booking

Benefit from the Minoan early booking discount and other offers and save up to 45%!

Most Minoan Lines discounts and offers are combinable and apply to all routes under conditions!

Family Offer

Share the moment and get 20% off!

  • for you who share the beautiful moments of your journey with friends or family
  • the discount is offered for 3 or more people on the international routes
  • applies to Deck, Airtype seats, AB3/A3 and AB4/A4 cabins with or without a vehicle

Early Booking Discount

Book Early & Save up to 30% on bookings made until the end of February!

  • for one way and round trips
  • for all accommodation and passenger vehicle types
  • early booking tickets are not refundable
  • availability for passengers and vehicles is limited

Round Trip Discount

Get a 30% discount on the return trip!

  • only valid when booking simultaneous both trips
  • the rebate is applied to the return trip

Seniors Discount

Get a 10-20% Senior Discount!

  • passengers 60 years old and more are entitled to a 10-20% discount
  • 20% discount if traveling from/ to Ancona
  • 10% discount if traveling from/ to Venice or from/ to Brindisi
  • with or without a vehicle (first category car/ motorcycle)

Student & Youth Discount

20% rebate on international routes!

  • valid for all accommodation classes except Deluxe cabins
  • for passengers and category 1 passenger vehicles and motorcycles
  • a valid student card is required to show during check-in and embarkation

Children Discount

Mamma Mia! Now, all children travel with a 50% discount!

  • for children from 4 to 16 years old
  • for all international classes
  • children booked in cabins must be accompanied by an adult

Air Type Seat Discount

20% discount for up to 3 passengers booked in Airtype seats!

  • a vehicle (1st cat.: up to 6 m long & 2 m high) has to be included in the booking
  • all passengers must be included in one booking
  • does not apply to the camping all inclusive service

Deck Seat Discount

20% discount for up to 3 passengers booked in Deck seats!

  • a vehicle (1st cat.: up to 6 m long & 2 m high) has to be included in the booking
  • all passengers must be included in one booking
  • does not apply to the camping all inclusive service

Show Your Card Discount

Minoan Lines Bonus Club loyalty program!

  • you trust us and we reward you by offering you special benefits
  • travel with one of the Minoan Lines ships and enjoy special offers, discounts and even free tickets


Minoan Lines Booking Terms (International Routes)

Minoan Lines Booking Terms (Domestic Routes)

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