Ferry from Athens to Mytilene

Ferry to Mytiline - Octopus hanging up to dry in the sunshine in the Greek islands, Mytiline, Lesvos.

Take a ferry from Athens to Mytilene and spend a few days in the commercial and artistic center and capital of the island of Lesvos in the North Aegean!

Lesvos is one of the biggest islands of Greece and a popular destination for families and relaxing holidays.
The town of Mytilene, chief town and the main port of the island, is built on seven verdant and beautiful hills and its landmarks are the castle of Gateluzzi and the church of St. Therapon with its mesmerizing dome which is the first thing you can see as the ferry reaches the port of Lesvos.
Mytilene has a picturesque setting with stone built houses, narrow alleys, museums and archaeological sites as the town is full of history. Take a walk through the castle of Mytilene, one of the most in the Mediterranean, located on the top of a hill of the town and visit the crypts, the ottoman baths and enjoy the breathtaking views of the town and the Aegean Sea.
Apart from its historical aspect, Mytilene is a lively town with many taverns, bars, restaurants, waterfront cafes and a beautiful shopping street called Ermou with lovely historic buildings and shops selling souvenirs and traditional products.

If you are looking for a quiet island, with beautiful landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere, start organizing your vacation to Mytilene and book your ferry tickets in advance.

Athens to Mytilene ferry schedule

The frequency of the ferries running from Athens to Mytilene changes depending on the demand and the seasonality but there is a connection between the Greece's capital and Mytilene all year round. Only normal (conventional ferries) serve this route from the main port of Athens, Piraeus and besides the many accommodation types (deck seats, airtype seats and inside/outside cabins) and the amenities on board this type of vessel offers a garage as well. Departures vary depending on the season, with noon, afternoon and evening departures. For a more relaxing and enjoyable trip, if you select an overnight departure we suggest passengers book a cabin.

Athens to Mytilene ferry time

Depending on the ferry company and the stops to nearby islands the duration of the sailing is approximately 10-13 hours.

Athens to Mytilene ferry distance 

The ferry distance between Athens and Mytilini is approximately 277 kilometers (172 miles).

Helpful information for your ferry trip from Athens to Mitilini 

  • Visit our dedicated pages to Athens (the port of Piraeus) and Mytilene to find out more information for your journey
  • Μake sure of your ship's departure gate because the port of Piraeus in Athens is quite large with many gates
  • The port of Piraeus is a busy port so make sure you are there at least 1-2 hours before embarkation
  • Check all the available routes and compare the prices on our online platform before you book your tickets
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