Ferry from Bastia to Livorno

Ferry to Livorno - A street in the beautiful little village of San Gimignano with a view of the Tuscan valley, Italy, Europe.

Take the ferry from Bastia to Livorno and have a pleasant sailing experience from the northeast of Corsica to one of the cities of the picturesque Tuscan Coast!

Bastia, founded by the Genoese in 1378, is a lively port town with a Mediterranean atmosphere located on the Cap Corse peninsula. With a population of 44.000 inhabitants Bastia today has a developed economy with a port of primary importance for the island of Corsica. The old port, once called Porto Cardo and later Terra Vecchia is one of the most visited parts of the city with many buildings dating back to the 18th century. Take a walk along the waterfront or along the "Quai des Martyrs de la Libération" for a beautiful view to the harbor. A wide range of bars and restaurants are around the old port and if you want to feel the rhythm of Bastia or explore the commercial historical neighborhood this is the place. The Citadel constructed by the Genoese from 1380, Saint Nicholas Squareastias main which is one of the largest in Italy, the Genoese Governor's Palace built for defensive purposes in the earliest days and the Baroque Church of Saint Mary are some of the reasons why you should not miss to visit this extraordinary city. Not to forget Corsica’s beaches which are suitable for swimming and diving and the local cuisine with the tasty specialities.

Livorno lies on the Ligurian Sea and today is one of the main ports of the region. Originally a small fishing village on Italy’s western coast it is known as a “Medici town” and during the Renaissance period was fortified with towers and walls for defense purposes. Today, visitors can see the New Fortress, constructed during 1500 as an addition to the old one to reinforce Livorno's defense. The port, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, services cruise ships, commercial vessels and car and passenger ferries to the Tuscan Archipelago, Sardinia and Corsica. One of the most famous attractions of the town is Mascagni Terrace with the impressive black and white checkered floor and the great view to the sea. The Duomo di Livorno, located in the center of the city, Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Grande are some of the most important places to visit. The part of the city with the canals named “Little Venice”, the historic Goldoni Theatre and the several museums are unique sights that everyone should include during their stay in Livorno.

A great experience is waiting for you! Your ferry tickets can be issued in the easiest way through our website. With a few clicks you will have your booking confirmation in your hands so hurry and make your reservation in advance!

Bastia to Livorno ferry schedule

Bastia to Livorno ferry schedule may vary from season to season with more routes in the summer and fewer during the months when traffic is reduced. Our reservation system can give you all the detailed information about the timetable prices and offers for the ferry Bastia Livorno.

Bastia to Livorno ferry time and distance

The Bastia to Livorno ferry time is 4h 30m and the distance between the two ports is 71 nautical miles or 130 km.

Bastia to Livorno ferry type

Modern, conventional car/passenger ferries operate the route to Livorno from Bastia. Cabins of any class or numbered seats are available and restaurant services and bars on board look forward to welcoming you.
The only thing you have to do is to plan your trip, visit our website, choose your ideal accommodation type and proceed to your booking early enough in order to take advantage of any seasonal offer or discount.

Useful information for your trip

  • The journey from Bastia to Livorno is very popular during the summer period. We recommend you to be at the ferry terminal at least 1h30min before departure for check- in and embarkation. In any case follow the instructions given in your booking confirmation
  • The tickets from Bastia to Livorno sell out quickly, so organize your trip and make your reservation in advance
  • Your pet is welcome on board under conditions mentioned in our relative pages
  • Check the luggage allowance of the shipping company you are traveling with because there may be restrictions
  • Our pages dedicated to Bastia and Livorno include all the necessary information for your visit
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