Ferry from Brindisi to Corfu

Ferry to Corfu - Traditional easter holidays in Corfu island, Greece. Windows and balconies at Liston Square in Kerkyra.

The ferry from Brindisi to Corfu provides a delightful journey from Italy’s southeast coast to the northernmost and largest island of the Heptanese in Greece!

Take the ferry from Brindisi and reach the Ionian Island of Corfu in an average of 7 hours. There are direct conventional ferry boats which connect Brindisi and Corfu ports while granting passengers comfortable accommodation options for a pleasurable traveling experience.

Brindisi to Corfu ferry duration

Relying upon the type of vessel, the ferry duration from Brindisi to Corfu lasts approx. 7-7.5 hours.

Brindisi to Corfu distance

The distance from Brindisi to Corfu is around 203 kilometers which equals to 110 nautical miles.

Brindisi - Corfu ferry

The ferry for the Brindisi - Corfu route is providing lavish facilities for the best sailing experience. Spacious areas, garages, pools, bar-restaurants and sunny open decks are some of their conveniences. It is worth mentioning that some of the particular vessels are allowing passengers to camp on board in their vehicles while obtaining many amenities during the journey.

Ferry schedule Brindisi to Corfu

The ferry schedule from Brindisi to Corfu changes every year and for that reason, it is recommended that you check our simple booking engine for real time results. Please, note that there is the possibility of getting to Corfu from Brindisi by taking the indirect ferry from Igoumenitsa which requires 1.5 hours to arrive.

Tips for your Brindisi to Corfu crossing

  • In order to learn how to approach the port, please visit our dedicated Brindisi page
  • Brindisi port (Porto Medio) gets busy every summer, so make sure to appear 2 hours sooner especially if you are carrying your vehicle
  • For booking a cabin or camping on board, it is recommended to book your ferry tickets from Brindisi to Corfu in advance
  • In our Corfu page, you can get informed about ground services on the island (buses, taxis)
  • Corfu is the northernmost of the Heptanese (Seven Islands) and a good starting point for island-hopping to the rest
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