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Ferry to Cagliari - Pizzetta sfoglia cagliaritana, typical puff pastry pizza of Cagliari, Sardinian Food, Italian Cuisine.
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Visitors arrive by ferry to Cagliari, capital of Sardinia, will be charmed by the city's architecture and its most interesting piece, the Castello district!

While wandering around southern Sardinia's Cagliari, visitors are impressed by the Sardinia's capital city artistry and background. The first thing someone will see at arrival is the harbor at the heart of the town with its shops, cafeterias and eating places. The enormous bastion of San Remy belongs in the city's main attractions for its history and a fantastic view of the sea and the city itself. After, the Elephant Tower and Il Castello area are for sure two places which deserve touring. Famous for its story, this square has much to offer like slim alleys combined with colorful structures and also interesting ones, for example, the Santa Maria Cathedral, Palazzo Archivescovile and Palazzo Regio. The ancient Cagliari Cathedral, developed in the 13th century, being a superb frontage with highly garnished internal joins the best sights to visit after journeying with the ferry to Cagliari.

Next, there is the Roman Amphitheater situated in the northern region of the city. Then, it hosted fighting gladiators and now it often arranges concerts and performances. For nature lovers, the botanical gardens within the university of Cagliari and Parco di Monte Urpinu are two spots which merit a stand.

Last but not least, in order to encounter the residents' way of living and working but also socializing with them, tourists visit the market at San Benedetto, the largest in the town. There you can find everything including the specialties which are seafood and lamb cheese. Since Sardinia is an island, the top dishes consist of fish, lobster, octopus and sea urchins followed by the local dessert "seada".

Ferry connections to Cagliari

Ferry connections to Cagliari are occurring from Palermo, Naples and Civitavecchia in Italy especially in the summer season where many more carriers and ships are operating. The ferries are offering to the passengers the opportunity to book a cabin or an aircraft type seat which can be much more comfortable than the deck seats and thus, more suitable for the long journeys towards Cagliari.

  • Civitavecchia to Cagliari: a frequent night crossing that lasts around 14 hours with a car-passenger ferry. Keep in mind that, depending on the day, the vessels make stopovers to Arbatax
  • Naples to Cagliari: a night and all-year-around journey that takes approx. 14 hours to connect the port of Naples with the port in Cagliari
  • Palermo to Cagliari: the particular route happens also at nights, all year long and its duration is about 13 hours with a conventional ferry

Cagliari port

Cagliari port is not only one of the biggest ports in the entire country of Italy but also one of the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea and is the main economic source of Sardinia too. It is located in the southern part of the city, it is divided into two components, one for serving passengers and one for cargo and is also very well developed offering plenty of amenities to the travelers. Upcoming information on how to get to the port of Cagliari from Cagliari International Airport (Elmas) and Cagliari center by bus and taxi.

Cagliari International Airport to Cagliari Port

Upon arrival at the Cagliari International Airport, you can get to the Cagliari port easily by train, bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


The train station is a few meters further from the airport's arrivals terminal. The trip to Cagliari train station, located next to the port, lasts about 5 minutes. Further advice in Cagliari Airport Train.


Outside the arrivals and departures terminal are the bus stops. Catch one of the many operating and go to the Cagliari center. Detailed information on Cagliari Airport Buses.


The most convenient but also the most expensive way to reach your destination. Grab a taxi just outside the airport and head to Cagliari.

Cagliari City Center to Cagliari Port

From the city center of Cagliari which abstains only a 15 minute walk from the port, you can get to the port by also taking advantage of the following public transportation means.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus occurs from the port to Piazza Matteotti which is very close to the train station, bus terminal and to the city center. Learn more on Cagliari Port Bus


There are many taxis waiting at the port's exit. Get on one and go to the Cagliari center in less than 10 minutes with the cost of 10 euros.

Note that the distance between the port and the center of Cagliari is approx. 2 kilometers so you can also go on foot depending on the weight of your luggage. 

Holidays in Cagliari

Cagliari is definitely an interesting place to visit and guarantees a memorable holiday. The city with its culture, traditions and landmarks will keep you busy during your entire stay. It is a very old settlement which dates back to Neolithic times, now modernized and attracting hundreds of tourists throughout the year. In addition, Cagliari's beaches deserve to be mentioned and undoubtedly, the exquisite Italian tastes. 

Check below, a short guide of what to do when in the city:

  • Walk around the ancient Il Castello district and admire its landmarks
  • Pay a visit to each one of the many cathedrals and churches
  • For education and art lovers, there are the Pinacoteca Nazionale, d'Arte Siamese, Archeological and Citadel Museums
  • Sit on a bench or have a drink at St. Remy Bastion at night and feel the romance in the air 
  • Swim and sunbathe at Poetto and Calamosca beaches
  • Make trips to the close territories of Cagliari in Sardinia
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