Ferry to Capraia

Passengers traveling by ferry to Capraia, officially known as Capraia Isola, are debarking at a mountainous island with rich unspoiled nature!

Nine million years ago, two volcanoes, Capraia and Zenobito coalesced, they formed this beautiful, rocky island with its wealthy nature and stunning landscapes. Cliffs, forests, rolling hills are everywhere around so this makes it ideal for passengers who travel to Capraia, one of the seven islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. It is notable to mention that Phoenicians, Romans, even Greeks have been living on the island in the old times so it contains a mixed cultural heritage. It also consisted of a former penal colony at the age of 1980.

The islet contains two settlements, one small town in the harbor called Porto and the village behind the mysterious and historical fortress San Giorgio, built in order to protect from pirates. There are some beaches to sunbathe and swim but the island is surely not known for them. Instead, it is perfect for lovers of hiking and exploring. One of the best sites after hiking the rocky coves is Torre Dello Zenobito landmark and Dattelo, a popular point for taking photos because of its fantastic view. Monte Castello, with a height of 445 meters above sea level is gigantic and contains too much beauty in it. Wild and untouched nature, pretty flowers and trees combined with dazzling landscapes and for competition, Stagnone, a small lake which is a rare thing to see on an island are the things someone will witness. Cala Rossa is another point of interest on the island. It is a unique cove combining red and black colors. Near the promontory, you can find the old abandoned monastery as well which seems to be another main sight to visit along with the National Park whose sign is Audouin's gulf flying above the sea's waves. Moreover, the sea surrounding Capraia is the largest protected sea in Europe cause of the many cetaceans it is hosting. If you are lucky enough you may witness blue whales and striped dolphins. Capraia's cuisine couldn't leave out fish since it is surrounded by the ocean and of course, being in Italy, delicious wines. In conclusion, we can understand that Capraia is surely not a modern station so most of its visitors go there in order to slip away from the city noise, relax in its romantic and charming villages and get in better touch with nature. 

Capraia is part of the Tuscan Archipelago, the third biggest island of the seven, located at the most northwestern point of the group, 50 km away from Livorno with a population of approx. 400 inhabitants. Ferry routes Capraia occur from and to Livorno, Cavo and Portoferraio, especially in high season months.

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Capraia Port

Capraia port or else, Porto di Capraia, is situated in the northeastern coast of the island and serves both touristic ships and yachts. In the area, you can find public WCs, cafeterias and restaurants. Moreover, it is easily connected with the main settlement by one road and the distance is a little less than a kilometer so it can certainly be covered on foot. For those who prefer to get transported, there is the choice of taking the bus which operates between the port and the village.

Get to the Capraia port by bus:


There is a bus running the short distance between the town and the port. Otherwise, you can easily cover it on foot.

Have in mind that the particular bus run only between the port and the main village. Capraia can be explored only on foot or better, by making boat tours.  

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