Ferry from Corfu to Brindisi

Ferry to Brindisi - Scenic view in Ostuni, in the province of Brindisi, region of Apulia, Italy

Passengers traveling by ferry from Corfu to Brindisi enjoy a pleasant crossing from the port of the Apulian region to one of the most beautiful Greek Islands!

Corfu is one of the most visited Ionian islands for summer holidays, not only for the sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters but also for the historical monuments, the impressive mansions, the fascinating squares and the picturesque villages. Some of the highlights of Corfu town are the 16th century Old Fortress, the Saint Spyridon Church, the patron saint of the island, the central pedestrian street called Liston and the largest square in Greece, called Spianada. In fact, this is the heart of the town with a lot of restaurants and cafes that gather most of the locals and tourists, from the early morning until the evening. If you find yourself in Corfu during the Easter holidays, you will be impressed by the local customs and traditions that take place during the Holy Week. Before leaving Corfu do not miss to taste the Corfu sweets and the famous Koum-kouat.

Brindisi is a port town of Adriatic Sea in southern Italy with a great strategic position on the Italian peninsula. Due to its geographical position close to Greece and the Middle East, Brindisi, together with the port of Bari, has played a significant role in culture and commerce. In addition, the Roman road called “Appian Way”, used as the main route for military purposes, connected Brindisi to Rome. The city has many attractions to be proud of, like the Romanesque style Duomo built between the 11th and 12th century, reconstructed in the 18th century, after being destroyed by an earthquake, or the Aragonese Castle known as the SeaFront Castle. On the opposite side of the harbor there is “The Rudder”, a monument with a height of 53 meters, dedicated to Italian sailors. The view from above is fantastic. Take a walk along the promenade or visit the charming square Piazza Santa Teresa in the old town, close to the harbor. Let's not forget to mention the many restaurants and cafes that flood the city as well as the enchanting beaches of the area.

Book your ferry tickets in advance, take the ferry from Corfu to Brindisi Italy and be prepared for your dreamed holidays!

Corfu to Brindisi ferry schedule

Corfu to Brindisi ferry schedule is very popular, especially during the vacation period for the tourists from central Europe, Italy and Albania. The ships to Greece depart from Porto Medio which is located at a close distance from the city center and operate usually from May to September. Our updated website gives you all the information about the time and dates of departure and arrival.

Corfu to Brindisi ferry time

The Corfu to Brindisi ferry time is from 7 to 8 hours depending on the schedule of the shipping company and the weather conditions which may delay the arrival to the port of destination.

Corfu to Brindisi ferry distance

The Corfu to Brindisi ferry distance is 109 nautical miles (180km).

Corfu to Brindisi ferry Type

Modern conventional ferries operate the Corfu Brindisi route and offer a comfortable journey with all the amenities for every passenger. Inside, outside and pet friendly cabins are available but also numbered seats and lounges with bars can make your stay on the ship pleasant and relaxed.
Choose your best accommodation type for the ferry Corfu Brindisi through our booking system with the best prices and offers!

Useful information for your journey

  • The route from Corfu to Brindisi is very famous and the ports are usually crowded. It is recommended to arrive at the ferry terminal 2 hours before departure for check-in, especially if you are traveling with your vehicle, car, motorcycle or camper
  • In our website you can find all the information needed for the island of Corfu and the port city of Brindisi
  • Pets are allowed on board under the conditions mentioned in our relative pages
  • While in Corfu grab the opportunity to visit the Ionian island of Kefalonia
  • A day trip to Lecce and Mesagne from Brindisi is a wonderful idea
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