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Ferry to Diafani - Traditional Greek tavern in Diafani port on Karpathos island, Greece.
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Pack your things and start traveling by ferry to Diafani, arrive in a traditional fishing village, the second largest port of the Greek island of Karpathos!

Diafani is the second largest port of the Greek island of Karpathos and is of the island, 70 km from the capital Pigadia. You can also travel to Diafani, daily, by ferry from Pigadia. During the summer these boats are filled with tourists who want to visit the mountain village of Olympus. Diafani is the seaside resort and the supply port of the mountain village of Olympus..

In Diafani, there are several pebble beaches and swimming in the clear waters is a real pleasure. The most famous beaches are Diafani beach and Vananda beach, which is accessible on foot. In the middle of the bay of Diafani there is a construction pier where boats and colorful fishing boats moor.

Around Diafani lie low pine-clad hills, with the high mountains of Mount Olympus in the background. At the top of the hills there are a few abandoned mills. There are three churches in the village, each with a dome made of red tiles. The largest church is the Zoodochos Pigi. From Diafani you can take a boat to the small island of Saria or to beautiful beaches on Karpathos.

Getting to Diafani by ferry

Getting to Diafani by ferry can be achieved either from the Greek mainland and more specifically, from the port of Piraeus in Athens, as well as from some of the Dodecanese Islands. Board on the ferry from Athens to Diafani and reach the island in about 12 hours with a conventional vessel, always depending on the port of departure and the number of stopovers. Note that, using the ferry is not only the cheapest way to get to Diafani but also the most exciting one since you get to admire the beautiful endless blue sea and feel the summer breeze.

Port of Diafani

The port of Diafani is located on the northern coast of the island of Karpathos and is the second largest port serving the island. The largest port of the island is Karpathos itself and is located on the southeastern coast. Due to the size of the island, different ferry companies may serve more than one port.

Transportation in Diafani

In Diafani, taxi and car/scooter is the preferred way of transportation. The port, airport, main villages and other popular spots are connected by an adequate system of municipal roads, most of which are paved. During the summer months, small private boats depart daily from Pigadia to various locations, including Mount Olympus (via Diafani) and some hard-to-reach beaches. Fixed-rate (market) taxis and municipal buses are also available throughout the year.

Holidays in Diafani

Holidays in Diafani are ideal for people who love peace and nature and not the masses of tourists. Here you can avoid the crowds. This area has been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeological excavations brought to light a Mycenaean tomb. In addition, important artifacts were found that are kept in the British Museum. In Diafani you will find a few seafood taverns, where delicious fresh fish is readily available at very low prices.

Beach of Diafani

This beautiful beach is located in front of the village, Diafani. The sea here is light blue and transparent and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You can find taverns, sun beds, umbrellas and anything else you may need for an enjoyable day.

Things to Do in Diafani

The things to do in Karpathos are limited, as the island is not much developed in tourism but do not let that discourage you. The most organized activity is windsurfing in the bay of Afiartis, on the southwestern side of the island. This is the most popular bay for windsurfing on Karpathos island and even an international windsurfing competition is organized every summer. Diving is also a developing activity in Karpathos, especially after the legislation change in 2006 that now allows diving in the marine park between the islands of Karpathos and Kasos.
As for other activities on the island, swimming and hiking are the only options. The countryside of Karpathos is signposted and hiking trails lead to old chapels, mountainous villages, secluded beaches, and hilltops with a great view of the sea.

Hotels in Diafani

For accommodation, there are no large hotels in Diafani, but there are some family hotels and rooms to let.

You will find below our selection with the best hotels on Diafani:

  • Balaskas Hotel
  • Villa Diafani, Anna
  • Maistrali Studios
  • Dorana Apartments & Trekking Hotel
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