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Ferry to Kasos - Sandy beach and kayak.
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Take a ferry to Kasos in the Dodacenese and travel back in time on this small island that remains untouched by tourism and keeps its traditional way of life!

Located between the island of Crete and Karpathos, Kasos is the perfect place for those wishing to experience a slice of Greece from a bygone era. It has an area of only 64 square kms and a population of 1000 people.

As most of the Dodecanese islands, Kasos has an important and rich history. The earliest traces of human habitation on the island date from the Final Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age. According to the ancient Greek author and epic poet Homer Kasos was first inhabited by the Phoenicians who named the island “The island of sea foam”. Until the year 1537 Kasos was under the control of the Venetians then to be conquered by the Ottomans.

Kasos is mountainous and rocky with rare wildflowers and bird species. There are five settlements on the island, Fry, Agia Maria, Poli, Panagia and Arvanitochori and together they comprise the municipality of Kasos.

The capital of the island is Fry and it has the only port of the island, the port of Boukas, an old pirate refuge, where the fisherman drink their coffee at the traditional coffeehouse. Kasos is an island with a rich nautical tradition and the port of Boukas is part of the culture and everyday life of its inhabitants as it is linked to the sailor's return to Kasos.

Besides the rich history Kasos has a lovely landscape to show with lacy shores and deep blue waters. Within all the settlements there are churches and chapels with mosaic flooring, whitewashed impressive houses with narrow paved lanes.

Book your tickets to Kasos in advance and explore the quiet streets of the island with its warm and welcome residents, a very rewarding experience for those who make the effort to visit the island.

Getting to Kasos Island by ferry

Kasos can be easily reached from Piraeus, the main port of Athens but the island is also connected with the islands of Karpathos, Rhodes and Crete.

  • Piraeus to Kasos: There is a conventional ferry running from Piraeus to Kasos once a week and the duration of the sailing is approximately 22 hours
  • Karpathos to Kasos: There are more than 3 routes available, running from the island of Karpathos to the island of Kasos and the sailing duration is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • Rhodes to Kasos: The duration of the trip with the conventional ferry from Rhodes to Kasos is approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes and there are 3 routes available per week
  • Crete to Kasos: You can book a ferry to Kasos either from the port of Shtia on the northeastern edge of Crete or the port of Heraklion, located on the north coast of the island. When sailing from Heraklion, the duration of the trip is 6 hours and from Sitia, the duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes

Kasos ferry port

The island has 3 ports. The old ferry port is located at the village of Emborio, approximately 1km from the capital of the island Fri, while the new ferry port is located a little north of Fri. The third port is located in the village of Fri and it is a small picturesque port with traditional wooden fishing boats and yachts. The name Fri means eyebrow in Greek and it's named after the shape of the town. The port of Bouka in Fri is a good example of an old pirate base.

Public Transportation in Kasos


There is a public bus on the island running from Fri to the other settlements of the island but the routes aren’t frequent. For the timetables, please click here.


There are 2-3 taxis available on the island for a fast and easy transfer to your destination. To schedule a taxi transfer, please contact +30 22450 41278, +30 22450 41158.

Kasos Airport to Kasos Port

The airport of Kasos is located in the middle of the island, 1 km away from the capital of the island, Fri. It receives flights from the neighboring islands of Karpathos, Crete and Rhodes.

If you want to schedule a taxi from the airport to the port of Kasos please contact +30 22450 41278, +30 697 324 4371, +30 22450 41158, +30 697 790 4632

Things to do in Kasos

Kasos is one of the remotest and wildest islands in the Dodecanese. It is a quiet destination for a relaxing holiday and is mainly famous for its festivals with traditional music, dances and local food. Upon arrival the island gives the impression of being inhospitable and wild as it is a steep rocky island but as the first houses are visible Kasos becomes more friendly and warm and it reminds one of the early days of greek tourism.

A walk through the island allows you to visit its main sights, ehich are:

  • Explore Fri and its narrow alleys with the traditional architecture
  • Take a walk through boukas square and admire its mosaiced terraces with images of the island
  • Visit the Archeological Museum of Kasos. It houses findings from the prehistoric period of the island
  • See the traditional flour mill in the village of Arvanitochori that displays tools that were used by the local farmers
  • Due to its location, Kasos' gastronomy is influenced by Turkey and Crete. Make sure you try dolma (grape leaves stuffed with minced meat), the local homemade spaghetti and the local cheeses like almyrotyri, mizithra, sitaka and elaiki
  • Visit the 6 churches of Kasos in the village of Panagia that according to the legend were built to fight six evil spirits
  • Follow the paved path in the town of Agia Marina that takes you to the town to the natural Cave of Ellinokamara that was once used as a place of worship
  • Listen to traditional music in one of the famous panigiria of Kasos (local festivals)

Kasos Hotels & Accommodations

Kasos is one of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese and a perfect, untouched by mass tourism location for those who seek relaxation and a sample of a true greek island experience. There are only a few accommodation options available in the village of Fry and even fewer in the other settlements of the island so we suggest you book your accommodation on time.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation for your Kasos holidays:

  • Theoxenia 
  • Amfi Sea View 
  • Meltemi Studios 
  • Villa Evdokia
  • Marys Home
  • Dimitris Apartments
  • Anagennisis 
  • Angelica 

Beaches in Kasos

Kasos has many beautiful, unspoiled beaches with sand and crystal clear waters. Most of the beaches are accessible only by car and the majority of them don’t offer any amenities so make sure you take with you what you may need.

  • Kofteri Beach: Next to the port of Fry, a small organized and pebbled beach with tranquil waters
  • Emporio Beach: An organized beach near the capital of the island. A small sandy beach that is easily accessible by car and it has a tavern
  • Antiperatos Beach: Located on the western side of Kasos. It consists of 4 isolated beaches with colorful pebbles. Ideal for total peace and quiet
  • Ammoua Beach: A small sandy beach on the north side of the island. Totally isolated and unorganized
  • Helatros Beach: Located on the south side of Kasos. Really popular for windsurfing

Island hopping from Kasos

Kasos is a really good starting point for island hopping. Starting from the ports of Kasos there are frequent direct sailings at a relatively low cost to the neighboring Dodecanese islands and some of the most popular islands of the Cycladic Sea.Take a ferry from Kasos and do not miss the chance to visit:

Tip: Take a day trip to the island of Armathia where you can swim at the beach of Marmara which is one of the most beautiful and loveliest sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.

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