Ferry to Durres

Passengers traveling by ferry to Durres reach the second largest city of Albania!

Historically also known as Dyrrachium or Durazzo, Durres is one of the oldest and economically most important cities of Albania. Only 33 km in distance from Tirana, the capital of Albania, Durres is also known as Albania’s main port. The port of Durres is located near the Adriatic Sea and not far away from the Italian port cities Bari and Brindisi. Roads and railways which pass through the city connect Durres with the rest of Albania.

Passengers traveling to the destination Durres see between ancient fragments and modern buildings a city with a big history. But tourists come also to Durres in order to get to the many beaches of Durres or swimming and relaxing. Passengers leaving with ferries from Durres should have seen the many touristic sights the city has to offer, as the main library, the cultural center, various theaters or the philharmonic orchestra. Several museums are also part of the cultural heritage. Last but not least, the Durres castle with the largest amphitheater in the Balkans is also worth seeing it.

The total population of Durres is approx. 170.000 in an area of ca. 300 square km. The ferry routes Durres are many in number with the most important among them the one which connect Albania with Italy. Please check the Durres ferry timetable through the booking engine of isFerry in order to find all possible routes and availabilities.

Ferry Port Durres

Forthcoming information advises on how to get to the ferry port Durres from the Tirana International Airport and the Durres city center by train, bus and taxi.

How to get to Durres Port

How to get to the Durres port from the Tirana International Airport and the Durres City Center?

Tirana International Airport to Durres Port

Upon arrival at the Tirana International Airport, you can get to the Durres Port easily by train, bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


In order to travel to Durres from Tirana by train, you will first have to reach Kashar which is located 13km from Tirana. From there take the train directly to Durres. Please visit Tirana Trains in order to schedule your transportation.


A bus service occurs from Tirana Airport to Durres and vice versa. Please check the official Tirana Airport Bus for more specific information.


Outside the airport, there are many taxis waiting to serve you. Pick one up and go to your destination.

Durres City Center to Durres Port

From the City Center of Durres, you can get to the Durres port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.


Take the local bus which will drop you off near the port and the train station.


Taxis are omnipresent in and about the city center on a 24/7 basis. Catch a taxi on the go or call them anytime to schedule a transportation +355 68 465 5555.

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