Ferry to Greece

Board on the ferry to Greece and enter a country with incredible and rich history and culture, also the birth place of numerous philosophers and artists!

With over 15 million tourists annually who are using mostly the Greek island ferries, Greece is ranked as the 20th best and most visited holiday destination in the world. From graphical mountainous villages in extraordinary landscapes to delightful sunny islands with long sandy beaches, Greece has it all. Except for the dazzling sceneries and climate, Greece is also widely known for its antiquity and tradition while also for being the birthplace of democracy in the western civilization.

Alexander the Great, the philosopher Socrates, his student Plato and Aristotle, the poet Homer, general Pericles, mathematician and physicist Archimedes are only some of the famous personalities born in Greece.

It’s two biggest cities, Thessaloniki and the capital, Athens, are definitely worth visiting since their backstories are incredibly interesting and will bring chills to anyone along with their ancient landmarks for sightseeing like the Acropolis of Athens and Plaka or the Castle and White Tower of Thessaloniki. Greece’s mainland is as alluring as its well-known islands and summer is not the only period where you can travel to the country.

During summertime, tourism in Greece tends to increase rapidly and millions of travelers around the globe spend their vacations by doing trips in Greece’s spectacular islands. It is hard to tell there is a best island in Greece since they are all unique and provoke different feelings. Some examples of where you could begin with by taking the ferry are Mykonos with its vivid lifestyle, the stunning and romantic Santorini with its magical views, the cosmopolitan Paros, Naxos with its excellent beaches, Ios with its never-ending parties, the capital of the Cyclades, Syros, the immense Crete with its traditions and welcoming people, Rhodes with its ancient city, Corfu and the other Ionian Islands and many more.

Generally, it is not possible to discover all Greece’ beauties at once and this is the reason many travelers go again and again. They even include island hopping in their tickets in order to take a taste of as many islands as possible. 

Due to high demand, especially in high season (March till late September), ferry tickets to Greece run out fast so consider booking them in advance.


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