Ferry from France to Italy

Ferry to Italy - Cozy old street in Trastevere in Rome, Italy Trastevere is rione of Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber in Rome, Lazio, Italy Architecture and landmark of Rome.

Board on the ferry from France to Italy and arrive in one of the most popular destinations in the world known for its culture, history and charming coastline!

France, the largest country in Western Europe, has long been a gateway between the northern and southern regions of the continent. Its borders touch Germany and Belgium to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Pyrenees Mountains and Spain to the south. It also borders the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast and the Alps, Switzerland and Italy to the east.

Italy is located in southern Europe on the Apennine Peninsula. Its distinct shape, resembling a kicking boot, makes it easy to recognize it on maps or even from space.
The Adriatic Sea borders the peninsula in the east, the Sea of Sicily in the south, the Ionian Sea in the southeast, the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west; all those seas are parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Plan your trip to Italy and book your ferry tickets in advance to travel to one of the most beautiful places in Europe!

Ferry schedules France to Italy 

The ferry schedules between France and Italy are covered by 2 different ship operators which offer 74 weekly sailings with maximum duration of 9 hr 30 min and frequent, all day departures.

The most popular routes are:

  • France to Genoa: 7 weekly sailings with a duration of about 7.5 hours
  • France to Livorno: 19 weekly sailings with a duration of about 4.5 hours
  • France to Piombino: 2 weekly sailings with a duration of about 2 hours and 45 minutes

Ferry types from France to Italy 

The type of ferries operating from France to Italy are large conventional ferries offering a wide variety of accommodation on board, as well as vehicle transport. They are suitable for all needs from the most economical solutions, such as deck or airline type armchairs, to comfortable cabins of all categories for a comfortable journey for both night and day crossings.

Useful tips for your journey from France to Italy 

  • Check our booking engine for all revised schedules, prices and offers (if any)
  • The journey from France to Italy sells out quickly, so book your tickets in advance in order to find the best itinerary and offer
  • Arrange to be at the port at least 2 hours before departure for check-in and embarkation procedure as the france ports of Bastia, Ile Rouse, Nice and Toulon are very crowded especially during high season
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Italy and France to find useful information about cities and ports as well as the means of transport
  • We suggest you to book a cabin, as the trip lasts many hours and your stay on the ship will be more comfortable
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