Ferry to Hydra

Ferry to Hydra - Old aged bell in church at Hydra island in Greece at saronikos gulf.
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After traveling by ferry to Hydra, visitors are landing on a small cosmopolitan island of the Saronic Gulf with a rich history, culture & imposing architecture!

Hydra, the Queen of the Saronic Gulf, is one of the five islands of the Saronic Gulf and is located on the eastern side of Peloponnese, southern of the port of Piraeus in Athens. It is a very graphical island with a captivating style, beautiful buildings, narrow paths and landscapes. Cars are forbidden and the only way to get around is on foot, by bicycle or by riding a donkey which can be very fun. Nice beaches are included as well, with most of them being pebbly among green nature. In the main and most vibrant town, there are many eating places with delicious food and small elegant bars where you can enjoy a cocktail under chilling sounds. All these factors combined make the place classy and dreamy and this is why it is preferred by many worldwide famous personalities like Leonard Cohen, A. Onassis, Maria Callas and more.

Note: Hydra’s demand is extremely high especially in high season, May to late September, so consider booking your ferry tickets to Hydra as early as possible in order to find available ones at your preferred dates.

Ferries from Hydra

There are several routes from Piraeus to Hydra ferries all year long while in the summer season they tend to increase due to high demand. The average time with a high-speed vessel (flying dolphin) lasts about 2 hours and this is one of the biggest advantages of the island, being a perfect getaway so close to Greece’s capital. It is notable to mention that the ferries from Hydra depart to Hermioni, Porto Heli and the close Saronic Gulf Islands, Aegina, Spetses and Poros in less than an hour.

Hydra ferry port

Hydra port is situated northern on the island, opposing Metochi and the port of Hermioni in the Peloponnese mainland and is a part of the main and busiest Hydra’s village. By the time you disembark at the port, don’t expect to see taxis waiting or buses. Hydra is car-free and the only means of transportation is on foot, by mules or handcrafts which are offered by some accommodations. Moving from one village to another is achievable by taking the water taxis from the small marinas. In order to travel between the villages on Hydra, you can rent a water taxi at the small marinas of each village or by calling +30 22980 53690.

Holidays in Hydra

During your holidays in Hydra you will definitely be enchanted by the place’s style and background. Colorful and historic buildings in interesting architecture, paved paths and cozy café-bars are all around the main town.

Below are some of the most attractive sites:

  • The Miaoulis Monument
  • L. Kountouriotis Mansion along with George and Pavlos Kountouriotis Mansion
  • Ero’s Trails
  • Hydra Museum Historical Archives

Island hopping from Hydra

All the Saronic Gulf Islands are close to each other and hopping from one to another is a very common thing to do. From Hydra, it is possible to jump with a ferry to the beautiful Poros, Spetses or Porto Heli (Costa) in less than an hour with several crossings happening daily.

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