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Get onboard the ferry to Aegina and land even for a weekend, on a destination close to Athens, in the Saronic Gulf, with interesting sites and fine beaches!

Aegina, after Salamis, is the second biggest island of the Saronic Gulf, southwestern of Athens and seems to be an ideal destination for those who want to get away from the city noise even for just a weekend due to its close distance from the Greek mainland. What makes Aegina island so excellent isn’t only the fact that it abstains 35 km from the port of Piraeus and the ferry connection from Athens to Aegina is very popular not only in summer months but also that it is a lively all-in-one station.

Piraeus to Aegina is a connection served from many companies and ships but it is advisable to make your ferry booking to Aegina early in order to find what’s more suitable for you.

Aegina, Greece

By the time your ship will start to emerge at the port in the town of Aegina, you will be able to witness the charm of the picturesque villages with colorful houses. Aegina, Greece, is also very famous for its rich history and more specifically, the ancient temple of Aphaia, the temple of Apollo and of Ellanios Zeus are must-sees along with Palaiochora, the Church of Agios Nektarios and the archeological place Kolona. In Aegina’s main town but also in the other villages of the island, you will find plenty of cafes, bars and eating places where you get to taste the authentic Greek delicious cuisine next to the shore. Do not forget to try the quality Aegina pistachios that are grown there and are worldwide famous.

Athens to Aegina Ferry

Taking the Athens to Aegina ferry and more specifically, the one from Piraeus to Aegina, is easy and the trip usually, does not take longer than 1h and 15 minutes with a car-passenger vessel, while with a flying dolphin, the travel time gets reduced to only 40 minutes. The crossing happens several times per day with Piraeus, in the western suburbs of Athens, being the port of departure. 

Note that, Piraeus, is very close to the center of Athens and can easily be reaches by using the public transportation means. In our dedicated Piraeus page, you will find all the relative information.

Port of Aegina

There are 3 entrances to Aegina from the Greek mainland or from another Greek island. Depending on where you are starting from and the ferry company you are traveling with, the port of disembarkation differs.

  • The main port of Aegina, northwestern on the island, serves routes from Piraeus, Methana, Agistri, Poros and other Saronic Gulf islands. The port is a part of the main town where most of Aegina hotels, bars and restaurants are located.
  • The Souvala port, in the northern side, which is accepting ships from Piraeus and from the nearby islands
  • The Agia Marina port, in the northeastern coast, part of the Agia Marina area, where ferries from Piraeus and from some islands of the Saronic Gulf anchor

There are 2 ways of being transferred throughout Aegina from the ports and these are:

  • By Bus, which passes from the ports and the main sites of the island
  • By Taxi, which is the most comfortable choice and since Aegina is relatively small, fares don’t go up to 17 Euros. Taxis are waiting at the ports or you can also call +30 22970 22635, +30 6944343606 (Souvala Taxis), +30 22970 32107 (Agia Marina Taxis)

Aegina Day Trips

Except for the fact that it is a beautiful getaway close to Athens, another big advantage of the island is that it is an ideal starting point for island hopping to the other islands of the Saronic Gulf which is a popular package for travelers. Some very famous day trips from Aegina are:

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