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Ferry to Poros - beautiful sculpture of a mermaid in Poros island in Greece.
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Take a ferry to Poros and meet a pretty Saronic Island easily accessible from Piraeus and a great destination for relaxing vacations even for a weekend getaway!

Poros is a small Greek island in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, about 58 km (31 nautical miles) south of Athens' port of Piraeus.Poros consists of two islands, Sfairia and Kalavria, which in the old days were united by a small isthmus 150 meters wide.On the volcanic island of Sfairia, which is rocky and arid, but very beautiful and picturesque, is built amphitheatrical the city of Poros, on its two hills and is one of the most picturesque capitals of the Aegean while is also the center of activity of the island with numerous restaurants and traditional tavernas along the waterfront creating a pole of attraction for tourists visiting the island! It is a beautiful verdant island, full of pine forests, and picturesque villages, with beautiful little beaches with lush vegetation and blue-green waters.

Although it is a small island, its tourist development is great. Most of the tourist facilities are located in the town, but there are also picturesque villages that also attract visitors and are quite crowded in high tourist season.

Poros is not famous for its sights as these are few with the most important being the historic monastery of Zoodochos Pighi, surrounded by lush vegetation. The biggest advantage of Poros is its proximity to Athens, and the easy approach to islands like Aegina, Agistri and Spetses makes it the perfect base for island hopping in Greece! Adequate tourist infrastructure also adds this little Aegean gem to a very popular destination for short, relaxed vacations for both tourists and Athenian travelers.

The traveler who chooses Poros mostly asks for plenty of sun and sea, the taste of delicious seafood and other traditional Greek dishes, the relaxed atmosphere in a couple of bars with loud music until the early hours of the morning, and pretty beaches of sand and pebbles with crystal clear waters!

Hurry up and book your ferry tickets to Poros in advance because they are selling out fast, and enjoy a relaxing vacation on this charming vintage island!

Traveling to Poros by ferry

Traveling to Poros by ferry is easy because there are frequent departures from the main port of Piraeus. The trip is short and the ticket cost is low compared to most of other travel destinations. For all these reasons, Poros is an ideal destination for quick vacations with less planning.

From Piraeus to Poros Ferry

From Piraeus to Poros there are ferries departing almost every 1-2 hours. There are conventional ferries that transfer both passengers and vehicles and the duration of the trip is approximately 3 hours and hydrofoils (flying dolphins) that transfer only passengers and the duration of the trip is about 1 hour. Apart from Poros from Piraeus, one can also reach the other islands of the Saronic Gulf such as Aegina and Spetses.

From Aegina to Poros Ferry

You can also reach Poros by ferry from Aegina but this crossing is operating usually 2 times per week (in low season) with a conventional ferry and the duration of the trip is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Of course the frequency and the sailing duration may vary from season to season and in high season the sailings will increase.

Poros port

The main port of Poros is a perfect little harbor, which is located in front of the town and is completely protected from the winds and for this reason it is a hub for yachts that moor along its quay. It is a very busy port with many ships of all kinds that connect the island with Piraeus and other nearby islands such as Aegina, Spetses, Hydra, Porto Heli, Ermioni, Methana and Galatas in the Peloponnese. It is located in a large bay that is 1,020 feet long and along the pier, the visitor sees a lot of tourist stores selling souvenirs, clothes, cafes, restaurants, taverns and many bars. Also near the pier the visitor will see the cultural center, exhibition center, the Chatzopouleios public library, the Archaeological Museum, and the City Hall.

How to move around Poros

On the question of how you can move around Poros, It is important to keep in mind that it is a small island with few roads and short distances and the effort made by the local authorities is internal transportation by car, especially in summer to be as minimal as possible. For this reason, during the tourist season, traffic bans are enforced in the center of the island and residents and visitors park their vehicles in the central parking lot of the ferry port and travel to the center on foot or by public transport.
There is a public bus that operates free of charge with itineraries every 20 minutes and starting point in the New West Port (at the beginning of the main coastal road that leads to the center opposite the neoclassical building of Syggrou).

However, if you want to visit several beaches and worth seeing places you can use public buses, taxis and private transfers, water taxis, car and motorbike rentals.


The Bus station is located in the central area of the beach, on the port of Poros. The public buses offer frequent departures to beautiful beaches such as Askeli and Monastiri (Askeli - Monastiri barren line bus). The bus departs from the New West Port (in front of the ferries) running normally 12 daily routes during the summer season every hour (08:00 - 20:00).

There are other buses that offer transfers to Neorio, Love Bay and Russian Bay.


The taxi rank is located in the center of the beach of the island. For more information please contact:+30 22980 23003

Water Taxis

On Poros harbor you will find some water taxis that can transfer you to nearby locations, such as Galatas in the Peloponnese. In the summer season, traditional passenger boats depart from Galatas every 10 minutes. Also, in the summer season there are itineraries to other areas of the island. Always keep in mind that you should arrange your transfer in advance.

Vacations in Poros

Vacations in Poros are a must every year for Greeks and especially for Athenians and those who are close to the capital because in a short time they can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a fascinating island.

However, it is also a destination of choice for foreign tourists who want to explore the Greek islands.
The island compensates the visitor with its simplicity and the tranquility it exudes. The picturesque town has a vintage charm with the neoclassical buildings, the narrow alleys of the main town, among whitewashed houses wrapped in bougainvillea.

In addition to walking around the city, the traveler will discover monuments of historical and archaeological value as well as beautiful beaches that will relax and soothe him.

Finally, he will taste traditional delicacies and the famous ouzo in one of the picturesque taverns of the port, and in the afternoon, what could be better than enjoying a breathtaking sunset from the historic clock tower.

It is no coincidence that this jewel of an island in the Saronic Gulf was so loved by the Greek Nobel laureate George Seferis and Henry Miller.

Sightseeing in Poros

It is definitely worth spending time sightseeing in Poros. Although it is a small island, it has hidden treasures that visitors will love to explore.

Below you will find a list with the most important places to visit during your stay in Poros:

  • The Temple of Poseidon: It is a Doric Temple dedicated to Poseidon. It is located at the north-western side of Poros.The site includes the foundations of the sea god’s temple, and other major findings such as the arches of the ancient village market and the Asclepion, also known as the monument to famed Athenian orator Demosthenes
  • The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi: the ancient historical monastery of Zoodochos Pigi of Poros is located 4 km east of the main town of the island of Poros and is built on the slope of a pine forest. It was founded in 1720 A.D. by the Archbishop of Athens Iakovos (Jacob) II, who, suffering from lithiasis, was miraculously cured after drinking the holy water that flowed near the Holy Monastery.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Poros: findings dated from the Mycenaean to the Roman era
  • The Russian Naval Base: the Russian Naval Base was declared a historical landmark, because of its great architectural and historical interest. Across the Russian Naval Base there is the small island "Daskalio" with its small picturesque Church of the Virgin Mary, on a beautiful cove
  • St.George Church: It is well known for its hagiography which is the work of one of the most important modern Greek artists, Konstantinos Parthenis
  • The Dana Lighthouse: The 32-meter Dana lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Poros channel and is one of the most beautiful square stone lighthouses in Greece and after its total restorations is now also a cultural lighthouse of the maritime heritage of Greece
  • Villa Gallini: On the coastal road of Poros, between Mikro Neorion and Aspros Gatos (White Cat), you can see a red house. Villa Galini is an elegant neoclassical villa that hosted writers and artists
  • Lemon Forest: It is an EU-protected area, basically a forest of over 30.00 lemon and orange trees.From the top, the view is panoramic.The smell of green lemons and oranges is a perfect scenery for romantic walks
  • Diavologefyro: It is a gorge located after the village of Trizina. The landscape is wild and at the same time beautiful with a cliff with lush plants and a small river where water falls from the mountains creating small lakes. Visitors can have walking access to the gorge and can find many activities such as slides, jumps etc.
  • Folklore museum: established in 2003 and currently houses in the Syngrou Building near the new harbor, and aims at highlighting and preserving traditional lifestyles, especially home and work life
  • Chatzopouleios Pubic Library
  • Clock Tower: is located in the middle of Poros town on the highest hilltop, among prickly pears and pine trees. From here, the view of the harbor and the opposite shores is excellent, and watching the sunset from this point is worth it. Built-in 1927, it is visible from all sides and is the trademark and jewel of the city

Beaches in Poros

The main asset of beaches in Poros is not quantity, but quality! They are easily accessible from Poros town, either by car, bus or small boats that frequently depart from Poros harbor. The visitor can find popular organized beaches, while he can also find more secluded ones.

See below a list of the best beaches in Poros :

  • Love Bay Beach: is at the north west of Poros town , a well organized small bay surrounded by pine trees
  • Askeli Beach: is at the north east of Poros town, the most popular beach on Poros and one of the most beautiful organised beaches on the island with sun beds , umbrellas and beach bars
  • Mikro Neorio Beach: It is a small and beautiful bay with crystal clear water. The beach is organized and its surrounding lush greenery creates a tranquil atmosphere
  • Megalo Neorio Beach: a beautiful beach a short distance from the town of Poros with lush vegetation and picturesque fish taverns along the coast
  • Monastiri Beach: a small cove protected by green cliffs
  • Kanali Beach: A small organized beach between Poros Town and Askeli
  • Vayionia Beach: the northernmost beach of the island that is rarely visited because it is isolated
  • Kalavria Beach: is on eastern coast of Poros a wonderful sheltered pebble beach, known for its very clean and calm waters. Kalavria Beach can be reached by bus.

Hotels in Poros

  • Sirene Blue Resort
  • Xenia Poros Image Hotel
  • New Aegli Hotel
  • Panorama Apartments
  • Magdas Kamares
  • Dimitra Boutique Hotel
  • Niki’s Village
  • 7 Brothers Hotel
  • Sto Roloi Island Houses
  • Arcadia Suites & Spa
  • Villa Irene
  • Golden View Hotel

Island hopping from Poros

Take the opportunity of island hopping from Poros Island, which is a great place to visit the other islands of the Saronic Gulf and the nearby Peloponnese coast. Either as a day trip or an overnight stay to the neighboring islands, Poros offers daily departures by flying dolphins or small boats. So, combine your Poros vacation with escapes to Aegina, Agistri, and Hydra, for an absolute Saronic adventure.

From Poros you can reach easily and fast with direct connections the following ports :

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