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Passengers traveling by ferry to Poros visit a beautiful small island of the Saronic Gulf!

Actually, Poros is consists of two islands, a smaller one, in the ancient years called Sferia, where the center of Poros is and a bigger one, Kalavria, where the most beaches Poros has to offer are and the ruins of the temple of Poseidon. Because Poros is in a short distance from Athens, many Greek tourists take advantage of it and escape over the weekend from the fast rhythms of the town.

Tourists traveling to the destination Poros experience one of the most traditional village centers and islands all in all of Greece. The neoclassic architecture of the buildings, the almost circumferential port around the island's center with its many boats and yachts in the summer season and the flourishing, partially untouched nature create all together with a very picturesque aesthetic. Passengers living with the ferry from Poros should have visited the many sandy beaches the island has to offer. The most popular are Askeli, Neorio, Limanaki tis Agapis (Love Bay), Rosikos and Plaz. The archeological museum with foundings of the temple of Poseidon and the ruins of the actual temple is very interesting, too.

Poros has a population of ca. 3.993 inhabitants in an area of 22,9 km2. The island is very near to the peninsula of Peloponnese. But, mainly reachable is Poros from the port of Piraeus in Athens / Attika. From there many daily Ferry routes Poros take place. In the summer months conventional and high-speed ferries connect the island with the other islands of the Saronic Gulf, Aegina, Ydra, Spetses, etc. and of course, with the port of Piraeus, enriching in this way the Poros ferry timetable.

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Get to Poros port by bus and taxi.


There is a public bus transfer service with daily connections to and from Poros port. For more information, please visit the Poros Bus Transfer Website.

Note, that most hotels in Poros offer their own minivan service that will transfer you from the Poros ferry port to your accommodation and vice versa - call them in order to ask for availability and organize your transfer.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit the Poros Taxi Transfer Website or call +30 22980 23003.

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