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Organize your trip and take the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Italy, one of the most visited European countries with several ports from the North to the South!

Before your embarkation to Italy, a visit to the seaside town of Igoumenitsa in the northwest part of Greece, is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Being one of the busiest and most important ports in Greece, Igoumenitsa serves the ferries to and from the Italian ports of Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice but also connects the Greek islands of Corfu and Paxi. Τhe road network, which in recent years has developed a lot, has minimized the travel times from mainland Greece to the port of Igoumenitsa, a fact that has also contributed to the development of tourism, trade and transportation of products. The city is well known for the Blue Flag beaches of Drepanos and Makrygiali that attract many tourists every year, the archaeological museum, which shows the history of the town from the ancient times to the Byzantine period and the green forests visited for trekking and hiking by visitors from the nearby areas.

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. With an extremely developed economy due to tourism and trade, it welcomes millions of travelers every year to admire the beauties of nature, the islands and the beaches, the cosmopolitan resorts but also the historical monuments, the archaeological sites, the towns and villages. The interests in this country are countless, the cities and ports that you can visit with the ultra-modern ships can give you experiences of a lifetime and satisfy the interests of even the most demanding visitor.
Ferries from/to Venice, Ancona, Genoa, Rome, Naples, Palermo and many other port towns and islands like Sicily, Sardina, Aeolian, Pelagie and Aegadian islands give passengers the opportunity to spend their holidays in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Visit our website for all the detailed information about the ferry types, the accommodation options and the places of interest in Italy. Learn about the ports of departure and arrival and the embarkation requirements for each ferry port. Take advantage of the early booking option to achieve the best prices and offers.

Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry crossings

Several Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry crossings are operating daily from the third largest Greek port to the most important and visited Italian ports, Ancona, Venice, Bari and Brindisi.
Our updated website can give you detailed information about the following routes of the ferry Igoumenitsa Italy:

  • Igoumenitsa to Ancona ferry schedule is the most frequent, especially from May to October, with 2 or 3 daily routes
  • Igoumenitsa to Venice sailing is less frequent according to the schedule announced by each shipping company. Usually 1 daily trip is offered, depending on seasonality
  • Igoumenitsa to Bari journey is operated daily but during the summer period the shipping companies add more routes
  • Igoumenitsa to Brindisi ferry crossing includes 2 daily sailings depending on seasonality and the ferry operator’s schedule

Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry time

The Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry time varies according to the port of arrival. The Venice trip takes approximately 25h to 28h while the journey to Ancona port lasts from 15h to 20h depending on the shipping operator. The crossing from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi ferry port lasts from 8h to 9h and the ferry Igoumenitsa Bari takes 10h.

Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry distance

Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry distance is estimated as follows:

  • From Igoumenitsa to Ancona 390 nautical miles or 720 km
  • From Igoumenitsa to Venice 500 nautical miles or 920 km
  • From Igoumenitsa to Bari 183 nautical miles or 340 km
  • From Igoumenitsa to Brindisi 127 nautical miles or 235 km

Igoumenitsa to Italy ferry type

Modern, large and conventional ferries with all the facilities and amenities on board operate the sailing from Igoumenitsa to the Italian ports all year round. Economy or numbered airtype seats, business class lounges and inside, outside and lux cabins are available to choose according to your preferences. During the summer period and when the weather conditions allow you can stay on the open deck of the ship and enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. Some ships have an outside pool with a bar and self service restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal with a cold drink.

The ferry Igoumenitsa Venice and Igoumenitsa Ancona offer the trip with the camping on board option and the All Inclusive Offer for the passengers who travel with their campers.

For the terms and conditions that apply to these booking options, as well as the period that they are valid for each company, you can consult the detailed information in our website.

Useful tips for your journey to Italy

  • The Igoumenitsa port is usually crowded so it is recommended to be there 2 hours before departure for check-in and embarkation
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Igoumenitsa and Italy for more information about the port facilities, the public means of transport and the most important places to visit
  • The ferry tickets from Igoumenitsa to Italy sell out fast, especially the garage spaces and the cabins, so make your reservation as soon as possible
  • If you plan to travel from Igoumenitsa to Italy, a good idea is to visit Igoumenitsa 1 or 2 days before your departure and make a short visit to Corfu, one of the Ionian islands. The crossing time is about 1 hour and there are quite a few daily sailings
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