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Ferry to Kavala - Ancient aqueduct landmark in Kavala city. Kavala is a famous Greek summer resort.
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Taking the ferry to Kavala, the visitor meets a major port, a gate from Northern Greece to the islands of North and East Aegean with high visitor traffic!

Kavala is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, "The Monaco of Greece" as the locals say, and is a port of eastern Macedonia, 680 km from Athens and 150 km from the beautiful Thessaloniki. It is easy to reach, as it is considered one of the largest transport hubs in Northern Greece. This beautiful town is beautifully located on the bay of Kavala and is fascinatingly built like an amphitheater on the slopes of Mount Symvolo. The old town of Kavala , Panagia, is full of remarkable historic buildings, some of which are impeccably preserved and have fantastic architecture that highlights the history of the town through the years. The town has a vibrancy and visitors will find a multitude of cafes, restaurants and bars along the seaside promenade in the harbor.

Kavala is quite developed in terms of tourist infrastructure and its proximity to Thessaloniki, the second largest city, is a great advantage for every visitor! Moreover, it is the port that connects Northern Greece with many important and popular islands, such as Chios, Mytilini, Lemnos, Samos, Mykonos, Syros and a few others, as well as Thassos!

So don't miss the opportunity to visit from the port of Kavala, the islands of the northeastern Aegean and the magnificent Cyclades!

Ferry connections from Kavala

The ferry connection between Athens, from the port of Piraeus, and the port of Kavala is not frequent with only 1 route per week and a journey time of 25 hours and 45 minutes. However, the connection from the other port of Attica, Lavrio, is more frequent with 3 connections per week and a journey time of 14 hours and 30 minutes.

There are many ferry connections from the port of Kavala to the Greek islands, as this place is considered the starting point for the main excursions from northern Greece to the Aegean islands, as well as to the Cyclades and of course to the ports of Athens (Piraeus and Lavrio).

  • From the port of Kavala you can travel by ferry to the island of Lemnos in just 4 hours
  • to Agios Efstratios in 7 hours
  • to Lesvos and Chios in about 9 to 10 hours
  • There are also regular ferry services from Kavala to the islands of the East Aegean (Samos, Ikaria and Fourni) and the journey takes from 13 to 20 hours depending on the route

From the port of Kavala you can also travel directly or indirectly to the Cyclades and more specifically:

  • to Mykonos (20 hours)
  • to Syros (21.5 hours) and
  • to Tinos (10 hours)
  • Moreover, a very popular destination is the beautiful island of Thassos, which is connected with Kavala on a daily basis, with a travel time of only 1 hour and 15 minutes

Usually, the ferries that sail from Kavala are conventional large ships with cabins for a more comfortable journey, as the duration of the journey is long, as well as the availability of garages for the transport of vehicles.

Port of Kavala

The main port of Kavala, where most of the passenger ships are serviced, is that of "APOSTOLOS PAULOS" and has been of strategic importance since ancient times, as it once connected the Greek world with Asia Minor. However, there are three other ports which serve other activities of the region, trade and transport. The route to the passenger port is wonderful because the visitor can enjoy the view with the Fortress of the city in the background, the picturesque houses of the Peninsula of Panagia clinging to the walls of the acropolis. In the harbor area and along the beach there is a pier where the visitor can sit and find various cafes and taverns, modern and traditional, enjoying once again the wonderful view of the Old Town and the docked boats.
However, the ferry Thassos - Kavala departs from the smaller ferry port at Keramoti.

How to Get to Kavala Port

To get to Kavala ferry port, one can reach it by road from the largest cities of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki but also by ferry from the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio.

More specifically:

By Bus

The intercity buses of the Kavala KTEL frequently run to Kavala from the major cities of Greece, Thessaloniki and Athens, with the journey taking 2.5 hours and 10 hours respectively. You can find more information about the routes and stops in Thessaloniki to Kavala Bus and Athens to Kavala Bus.

By Car

Via the highway of Egnatia Odos east of Thessaloniki and after about 1,5 hours drive you reach the exit 31 to National Road Thessalonikis-Kavalas (E012). The Athens line serves those whose destination is one of the cities located on the Athens - Thessaloniki national axis.

How to Get to Kavala Town from the Port

Getting from Kavala ferry port to Kavala town is easy, as the port is located near the city centre, just 1km away.
Arriving at the port you can reach the city in the following ways:

By Car

The port is located in the city, so it is very easy to get to the port by car.

By Taxi

It is easy to find a taxi so it is a good option for your transport to or from the port. Find out more in Kavala Taxi.

By Bus

There is an organized bus service, so you can use it to get to the port. Further details in Kavala Bus.

On Foot

If your hotel is located in the city of Kavala it is very easy to get to the port on foot.

Vacations in Kavala

Vacations in Kavala will fully satisfy the visitor since it is a city rich in history and especially the old town (Palia Kavala) rich in sightseeing.In Kavala for centuries Byzantines, Ottomans, Jews, merchants, tobacco workers, refugees and intellectuals were mixed and prospered. This city will take the traveler mentally back in time with its castle, acropolis and old lighthouse. Kavala's huge but decorative tobacco warehouses and elegant neoclassical buildings are a reminder of the city's glorious past. Of particular interest is the old neighborhood of Agios Nikolaos, with its many small shops and cafes, near Eleftherias Square and the church of Agios Nikolaos, which was converted from a mosque to an Orthodox Christian place of worship.Enjoy a drink in the bustling center, under the gaze of the city castle or start a wonderful walk towards the harbour and a meal in the taverns near it and you will have a unique tasting experience tasting the local specialities !But apart from the history of this city, there are beautiful beaches and seaside areas around it. The combination of the sea and the green mountains creates an impressive landscape and offers the ultimate relaxation to the traveler, making Kavala a very popular destination!

Below you will find some information about suggested accommodation, beaches and places to visit according to travelers’ reviews.

Hotels in Kavala

Kavala has excellent accommodation with a range of 2, 3, 4 star low cost hotels and luxury 5 star hotels with stunning views and excellent hospitality.

  • Hotel Egnatia
  • Ocean View
  • Villa Nicholas
  • Villa Anelia
  • Imaret
  • Casa del Mareρ
  • Airotel Galaxy
  • Belle Maison

Beaches in Kavala

There are beautiful swimming spots along the coast, and some of the best beaches near Kavala are the following:

  • Nea Peramos: a sandy beach 30 minutes away by car, with a large collection of tavernas, cafes and hotels
  • Ammolofoi Beach: with 3 km of fine sand and clear blue waters with sunbeds, and beach bars
  • Ammoglosa Keramoti: 45mins east of Kavala, it is close to where the ferries depart all day for Thassos. This exotic curve of sandy beach is framed by pine trees and melts into the Aegean Sea. The shallow waters are ideal for families
  • Kalamitsa: an organized beach with clear waters and very easy access very close to the city center
  • Rapsani: well organized, only one kilometer from the city center
  • Perigiali: organized , awarded with blue flag, just 3 kilometers from the city center
  • Batis: on the west part of Kavala, organized beach where the urban transport ends
  • Tosca: organized beach with a restaurant and a bar nearby
  • Palio: near village Palio, one of the most beautiful resorts of Kavala, with wonderful sandy beaches, pretty beach bars and beautiful taverns
  • Nea Iraklitsa: is located 5 kilometers from Palio with a huge sandy beach with crystal blue waters, beautiful beach bars, taverns and cafes
  • Vrasidas: beautiful golden sandy beach with crystal blue waters

Points of interest

Kavala has many points of interest, both historical and cultural.It is a mixture of history, culture, archaeological monuments, buildings with excellent architecture, natural beauty, a combination of Eastern and Western elements. Some of the attractions that will reward the visitor are the following:

  • The Imaret: A beautiful example of Ottoman architecture, the Imaret was built in 1817 by Mohamed Ali Pasha to serve as an educational center. Now operates as a luxury hotel offering breathtaking views of Kavala and the sea.
  • The Kamares Aqueduct: Built in 1550 by Suleiman the Magnificent, this imposing structure dominating the city center used to supply the city with water. Spanning over 280 meters and including its 60 arches, it features old houses built into the monument
  • Philippi Archaeological Site: The ancient city of Philippi, an important archaeological site in Eastern Macedonia, was colonized by the people of the island of Thasos, who established the city of Krinides in 360 BC. But in 356 BC, King Philip II of Macedonia renamed the city after himself, after saving it from a Thracian invasion. It was here that the Apostle Paul, in 49 A.D. first preached the teachings of Christianity in Europe and where the first European Christian woman, Lydia, was baptized. Has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located a few kilometers outside the center of Kavala
  • The Castle of Kavala: the castle of imposing stature has been rebuilt and reinforced several times, notably by the Byzantines before its destruction in 1391 before the Ottoman Empire took control of the city. The current structure is mainly from the Ottoman reconstruction of 1425
    Archaeological Museum of Kavala : opened in 1934, and is probably the most important archaeological museum in Eastern Macedonia, boasting prehistoric finds from all over the region of Kavala, including excavations at Neapolis, Amphipolis, and other parts of Eastern Macedonia
  • The Kasta Tomb: the Kasta Tomb of Amphipolis Tomb was discovered inside the tumulus near Amphipolis, Macedonia in 2012. The ancient tomb has only recently been discovered and is the biggest ever discovered in Greece
  • The Tobacco Museum: has a collection extremely rich. It includes objects used in the cultivation of tobacco, machinery, photographs, rare documents (bank documents, association statutes, etc.)
  • The church of Agios Nikolaos: functioned as a Muslim mosque under the name of Ibrahim Pasha and was the central mosque in the Old City of Kavala, since due to its location it dominated the centre of the market and was part of a more general complex called Imaret, which consisted of institutions of public utility (mosques, madrasas, poorhouses, hospitals, baths, shops).
  • Visit picturesque villages: Nea Karvali , Keramoti , Lefki etc
  • Walking routes through nature: taste the experience of walking many nice and important footpaths in Kavala
  • Visit Nestos River: 28km east of Kavala to the Nestos River which, is protected by the Natura 2000 and the Ramsar Convention, supports a wonderful variety of flora and fauna (300 bird species, 11 amphibian species, 21 reptile species and a large variety of mammals and plant life)

Escape to the island of Thassos

A wonderful opportunity when one is in Kavala is an escape to the island of Thassos, the northernmost island of Greece, a small paradise just 20 km from Kavala with excellent beaches, green with fantastic picturesque villages. The transfer to Thassos is from the port of Keramoti in Kavala.

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