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Ferry to Milos - Aerial top down view to the chalk rock formations of Sarakiniko with sparkling blue sea, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece.
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Passengers who are traveling by ferry to Milos are landing on a natural paradise, surrounded by a romantic atmosphere and unique, worldwide known beaches!

Turquoise transparent waters, white sand and cliffs, blue sky and shiny yellow sun is a killer combination that Milos offers. Visitors are stunned by the natural beauty of the island mixed with the traditional Cycladic architecture. It is also known for the finding of the famous statues “Venus de Milo” (Afrodite of Milos) and “Greek God Asclepius”. The pretty Greek Milos in the Cyclades seems to attract more and more tourists over the years with most of them being couples and families due to its romantic air and sceneries. By the time you step your foot on Milos port in Adamas, you are going to get the feeling of ultimate freedom.

The sooner you book your ferry to Milos the better it is in order to find departure times that suit you best. Through our booking engine, you will also be able to check and compare the prices of all ferry companies which operate on this route.

Getting to Milos by ferry

In order to get to Milos from the Greek mainland, you first have to arrive at the port of Piraeus in Athens or sometimes the port of Lavrio. The voyage may take from 3 to 7 hours depending on the ferry company and vessel, also from the number of stopovers. Larger vessels like car passenger ones (conventional) are way slower than the smaller ones (high-speeds, catamarans) but give travelers the opportunity to admire the blue sea from a closer look while feeling the refreshing summer breeze.

Book a ferry from Piraeus to Milos

There are several daily departures taking place with the ferry from Piraeus to Milos island, so you do not have to worry. Usually, there are 3 crossings every day, one in the morning, one in the evening and one early at night. In our booking engine, you will be able to see which ship is leaving when, compare prices and finally make the most suitable reservation according to your needs.

Milos ferry port

Located south of the island’s capital, Plaka, Milos ferry port serves all departures and arrivals. It is a small, picturesque port and by the time you start reaching it, you will see the little white cubic houses with their colorful windows as well as the traditional cafes and tavernas.

After getting off your ship, it will not be hard to find the bus stop or the taxi rank. Below, we provide you all the necessary information about Milos buses and taxis:


There are public buses that offer frequent connections from the port of Adamantas (Adamas) to Triovasalos, Plaka, Tripiti, Sarakiniko, Pollonia, Achivadolimni and Provatas. For more information, please visit the Milos Buses or call +30 694 609 2656.

Note, that most hotels in Milos offer their own minivan service that will transfer you from the Milos ferry port to your accommodation and vice versa - call them in order to ask for availability and organize your transfer.


There are 15 modern taxis in Milos with very welcoming and helpful drivers. Taxis are a little more expensive than the public buses but can be very practical since they can access more roads and areas. In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit the Milos Taxis or call +30 22870 22219, +30 22870 21306.

Holidays in Milos

It is no coincidence that all people who return from their Milos holidays have the best opinion for the island. Its volcanic landscape along with awarded spotless and turquoise waters under a sunny, relaxing atmosphere. Elegant and admirable accommodations, organized beaches with sunbeds, service and beach bars or secluded ones, cafeterias, cocktail bars and Greek traditional tavernas are the things you will find together with very interesting historical places and sites.

Four days in Milos are relatively enough in order to visit everything and get a full experience of the island. See beneath some of the best hotels, beaches and places to visit while in Milos.

Milos Hotels

There are both economical and more expensive luxurious accommodation options. Here are some of the highest-rated according to customers:

  • Hotel Adamas
  • Salt Suites
  • Melian Hotel
  • Lagada Beach
  • Skinopi Lodge
  • Santa Maria Village
  • Tania
  • Captain Zeppos

Milos Beaches

Among all of its qualifications, Milo's beaches are what it's prouder of. Rocky or sandy with crystal clear waters, organized with services or private ones, you have to visit them since some of them are one of a kind. Below, we provide you a list with the most visited ones.


The most famous beach in Milos, Sarakiniko, is the first one to stopover. Worldwide known and one of the best beaches in Greece, it offers a unique landscape of weird rock formations, giving you the feeling that you are on another planet. White rocks, blue sea and little pools for dives and snorkeling. Just remember to bring your water and supplies for there is no café-bar nearby.


Papafragas is another exclusive beach that is so exceptional due to the fact that it is a long canal between magnificent rock formations and in its end, after passing through a small cave, it falls into the sea.

Paliochori Beach

Again, a beautiful blue-white landscape, transparent waters, green nature and some nice tavernas close so after your swimming and sunbathing, you can enjoy the delicious traditional Greek cuisine.

Provatas Beach

Clear and organized with sunbeds and a bar, Provatas beach is definitely worth the visit. Sandy in and out of the sea, is an ideal place to spend some hours and relax.

Tsigrado Beach 

Located in the southernmost part of the island, Tsigrado beach is a must-see. Secluded and situated between cliffs, it is no lie that it is a dangerous place to visit but, in the end, it will surely reward you.

Kleftiko Beach

The only way to access Kleftiko beach is by boat but do not worry since there are many tours organized every day. Make sure not to miss the place because the scenery is lovely and the most important thing, bring your camera along.

Places to Visit

Except for the glorious waters and views, Milos holds a rich background too, starting from an early age. The island is also known for the finding of the statue “Venus de Milo”, dating back to 101 BC. Take a look at the following list of Milo's interesting sites:

  • The catacombs in Tripiti village
  • The Mining Museum
  • The Church-Museum of Holy Trinity
  • The ancient city of Phylakopi
  • Lakkos hot springs
  • The Venetian Castle in Plaka
  • The ancient theatre

Ferry day trips from Milos

If you think there is nothing else left to see in the beautiful Milos, then it is time to make day trips to the close Cycladic Islands and many more. Some popular ferry trips from Milos are:

Feel the Greek island hopping experience by starting from Adamas port in Milos!

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