Ferry from Naples to Sorrento

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Plan one trip by ferry from Naples to Sorrento and visit one of the most famous resort - towns in Italy built on an imposing rock overlooking the Bay of Naples!

Naples is a city that although not one of the top destinations in Italy, is certainly a starting point for travelers to visit nearby very popular places such as Amalfi, Ischia, Carpi, Sorrento and many other cities!
One city very close to Naples is Sorrento, located on a rocky mountain range with the cliffs reaching down to the sea. The historic center is bustling with people at all hours and among the countless narrow streets there are many shops, cafes, restaurants, attractions and many beautiful palaces in front of the streets, testifying to the history of the once prosperous city! Inoltre, il suo clima mite anche nei mesi invernali rende Sorrento una meta ideale per tutti i mesi dell'anno!

Plan your trip to Sorrento and book your ferry tickets in advance, whether you are a couple or with your family and you will have a wonderful experience!

Naples to Sorrento ferry schedules

From Naples to Sorrento the ferry schedules are on a daily basis and are running all year round.The departures are fewer in the winter period while are more frequent, on a daily basis, from April till October! The route is offered by 2 different shipping companies more than 42 times per week!
Please note that ferry timetables are subject to change depending on the season.

Naples to Sorrento ferry time

From Naples to Sorrento the ferry time is between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on the shipping company and the vessel.

Type of vessels in Naples to Sorrento route

The type of vessels in Naples to Sorrento route are hydrofoils and catamarans! The vessels are well equipped with individual seats and some of them offer special services for disabled people! Also, pets are allowed on board, but not in the passenger area! The high speed vessels are very convenient for passengers who want to make a day trip from Naples to Sorrento, as the journey is very short! Moreover during the trip the traveler will enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and the bay of Naples!

Useful tips and information

  • We suggest booking ferry tickets in advance, as ferries are running on limited capacity
  • You need to arrive at the port about 30 minutes before departure to board your ferry
  • In case of very rough seas, all ferry routes may be suspended. We suggest contacting the ferry companies for updated information
  • Visit our pages dedicated to Naples and Sorrento to learn more about ferry connections and means of transport
  • Ferry schedules are subject to changes, so check through our booking engine and find the updated schedules and departure times
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