Ferry from Nice to Bastia

Ferry to Bastia - Corsican specialty figatelli sausage in a basket for sale at a market in Bastia, Corsica, France. Translation for the sign is the type of sausage in Corsican language.

Organize your wonderful journey by ferry from Nice to Bastia and travel from the French Riviera to one of the most visited Corsica’s cities of art and history!

Nice is the French Riviera’s largest city, one of the best tourist destinations either for holidays or for a short intermediate stay in order to take a ferry to approach another Mediterranean port. During the second half of the 18th century the natural environment and the mild climate of the area made the aristocratic families of England spend the winters in the area and in 1860 the city/s main seaside promenade of 7 km named “ Promenade des Anglais” (Walkway of the English). Impressionist painters and International writers were inspired by the winter resort of the Riviera. Today, Nice is an attractive vacation destination, a lively cosmopolitan city with a picturesque Old Town with cobblestone streets and alleys. The cultural center Place Massena, the city’s largest square, the museums, the Cathedrals, the Palaces and the open air markets, have given Nice a uniqueness that everyone should know even for once in their life.

The Old Port of Nice called Port Lympia, located in the heart of the city is one of the most visited in the whole of France. Bastia, the northeastern coastal city in Corsica is an important port for car and passenger ferries coming from Italy but also from the French Riviera in South France. While visiting Bastia is a good opportunity to explore the Old Citadel and the Market Square, the Palace of the Governor, the Cathedral and St. Nicholas square where flea markets and annual festivities take place.

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Nice to Bastia ferry time

Τhe Nice to Bastia ferry time is estimated to be between 6h and 10h depending on the type of ship and seasonality.

Nice to Bastia ferry schedule

The Nice to Bastia ferry schedule is operated by different types of vessels, suitable for serving foot passengers, cars, motorbikes and campers. Often routes during the peak season and fewer itineraries during winter period are operated by ferries with several accommodation options. Comfortable seats, business lounges and cabins are at your choice.

Useful tips for your Nice to Bastia trip

  • Have in mind to be in time for check-in and embarkation at Nice ferry port as during high season there is a lot of traffic at the port offices
  • Try the Mediterranean cuisine of Nice in one of the numerous restaurants of the old city
  • Try the delicious and famous wines of Bastia
  • Take advantage of visiting the Bastia Museum with the permanent collections or the temporary exhibitions to discover the city's history
  • Our pages dedicated to Nice and Bastia can provide you with all the information regarding the means of transport to and from the ports of arrival and departure
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