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Ferry to Patras - building in Patra Greece - carnival season.
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The ferry to Patras connects Italy and the Ionian Islands with one of the most important ports in Greece which organizes a huge annual carnival festival!

Patra is located in the southernmost area of Peloponnese in Greece, is the third biggest city in the whole country and in 2006 was designated European Capital of Culture after Athens and Thessaloniki.

Tourists who travel to Patras, not only find tourist infrastructure and entertainment facilities offered around the port but also a rich and lively city center that has a lot to offer. Many narrow and old alleys with bars and cafeterias provide a calm atmosphere, ideal for escaping from the everyday rhythms. Do not miss to discover some of the cultural treasures that are hidden in the city like the Apollo Theater, built in 1872, the ancient Odeon of Patras which, especially during the summer, hosts a lot of events and concerts. The archaeological Museum in the town is ranked among the most significant museums in Greece, displaying original mosaics and statues from the Hellenistic and Roman times. There are also plenty of accommodation options and some fine sandy beaches with clear waters in Patras so make sure you visit them during your stay.

Patras Ferries - Book now and not later as the demand, especially from Italy, is huge and it is possible that you will not find tickets at your desired dates.

Getting to Patras by ferry

Every year, countless passengers arrive in Patra, especially from Italy’s cities, Ancona, Venice, Bari and Brindisi with big conventional ferries that offer the opportunity to bring their vehicles and trailers along.

  • There are direct routes with the ferry Ancona Patras but also with stopovers in Corfu and Igoumenitsa. The average journey time is around 23 hours and can be tiring, so it would be much more comfortable if you book a cabin or even camp on board in your vehicle
  • The Venice to Patras ferry route takes approx. 30 hours, depending on the vessel and stopovers (Corfu, Igoumenitsa) which happen depending on the season
  • The Bari to Patras and the Brindisi Patras ferry connections need almost 16 hours for the reason that they are located in southeast Italy, closer to Greece
  • Except for Italy, you can also reach the port of Patras from the ports of Sami in Kefalonia and from Pisaetos in Ithaca in 3 and 4 hours respectively with crossings which run throughout the whole year

Patras ferry port

Patras ferry port is located in the western part of the city, facing the Gulf of Patras. It is a highly developed port of great importance and is often called the gate to Greece. Reaching the port can easily be accomplished by coming from the two biggest cities of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki. Patras abstains approx. 210 km from Athens and 450 km from Thessaloniki. Volos and Agios Konstantinos are two further important Greek mainland ports that connect to the Sporades Islands and can easily be reached from Patras.

Patras to Athens

You have 3 options in order to travel from Patras to Athens:

  1. Reach Patras KTEL bus terminal, close to the port and take the KTEL Bus Patras to Athens. The end is in Kifissos, Athens, with average trip duration 2.30 hours and with the cost of around 20-30 Euros.
  2. There are no direct trains from Patras to Athens due to reconstruction of the rails. You will have to take the bus to Kiato and then use the train directly to Larissis Station in Athens. The total time of the journey is about 3.30 hours and the cost is approx. 15 Euros. Please visit Patras Train OSE to get the latest information about the train schedules.
  3. You can drive with your car or camper to Athens. Take the N.E.O. Patron - Athinon, follow the signs to Athens and arrive in the capital in about 2 hours. Have in mind that there are tolls on the way that cost from 10 to 30 Euros depending on your vehicle.

Patras to Thessaloniki

In order to go to Thessaloniki, you can drive your car till there or you can use the following transportation means:

  1. Go to Patras Main Bus Station and take the bus straight to Makedonia Bus Station and in around 7 hours you will be at your destination. More information at Patras to Thessaloniki Bus
  2. From Patras Bus Station, take the bus to Volos and from there, take the train to Thessaloniki. For the timetables and prices, please check the Patras to Volos Bus and Volos to Thessaloniki Train
  3. With your vehicle, follow the Korinthou - Patron highway, cross the Rio - Antirio Bridge and lastly, take the Ionia Odos to Thessaloniki

Patras to Volos

From the port of Patras, you are able to reach the port of Volos in the eastern coast of Greece and from there take the ferries to Sporades and Evia. Check below the ways of transportation you can use:

  1. Take the bus straight to Volos from the KTEL Patras Bus Station. The journey takes approx. 4 hours with the cost of around 30 Euros. Please check Patras to Volos Bus for further details.
  2. Drive on the Ionia Odos, cross the Rio - Antirio bridge and then, continue on the E.O. Antiriou Iteas highway to Volos.

Moving around Patras

While in Patras, you can move from and to the port with the following means of transport:


There is a bus station just outside the port which will transfer you to the city and vice versa. Please, check the Patras Bus for schedules and timetables.


Always the most convenient choice but also the most expensive. Go to Patras Taxis or call +30 2610 450 000 in order to organize your transportation.

Returning to Patras by Car

From Athens: Exit the Patras highway at the Glafkou exit (C) and drive on Leof. Glafkou until you reach Port Gate A.

From Olympia: Exit the Patras highway at the Ovria exit (D) and drive on Andr. Papandreou, Akti Dymeon until you reach Port Gate A.

What to do in Patras

As referred above, Patras is a very big city so this means that there are many hotels of all kinds (deluxe, cheap, airbnbs) and there will also be many things to do during your stay. From historical places, museums and the castle to long sandy beaches near or in the town. Last but not least, if you are lucky and present in the city in January or February, you will have the opportunity to witness the famous Patras Carnival where all people get on the streets with costumes and drink, dance, listen to loud music and are part of the Grand Parade.

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