Ferry from Saranda to Brindisi

Ferry to Brindisi - Scenic view in Ostuni, in the province of Brindisi, region of Apulia, Italy

A wonderful maritime encounter in the Adriatic Sea will take place after your embarkation on the luxurious ferry from Saranda to Brindisi in southeast Italy!

Saranda, in the southwest part of the stunning Albanian Riviera, is well connected with Italy's southeast part and more specifically with Brindisi, the "Getaway to the East" in the Region of Puglia! Large ferries are linking the two port cities, providing far more than just the necessary facilities and amenities to all passengers. The crossings are happening in weekly basis while in summer, they get more frequent. From Brindisi, travelers can spread easily to Italy either with their cars/campers or by the public means of transportation and continue their adventures.

The isFerry booking engine is user-friendly and will keep you informed with all the latest information about the schedules and prices of the ferry route between Saranda and Brindisi.

Distance between Saranda and Brindisi

The sea distance between Saranda and Brindisi port is around 103 nautical miles (190.7 km).

Saranda to Brindisi ferry duration

The ferry duration from Saranda to Brindisi is estimated at about 8 hours with only one type of vessel operating (regular ferries).

Schedule of ferries from Saranda to Brindisi

The ferries are operating crossings from Saranda to Brindisi in a weekly basis and they usually take place late at night. This is an advantage so that you can have a full day in Brindisi to organize your holidays. Booking a bed cabin can be a good choice in order to be fresh by the time you arrive, since the journeys are long. Through the isFerry booking system, you have the opportunity of getting all the latest information and details about the schedules.

Useful information for your journey

  • Please, give a look in our Saranda and Brindisi pages so as to receive instructions on how to get around by using the public transportation means
  • Make sure to appear at the port of Saranda at least 2 hours earlier from your departure
  • Book your ferry tickets in advance for more organized holidays and benefit from delightful discounts and offers
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