Ferry from Sardinia to Corsica


Start your journey by ferry from Sardinia to Corsica and discover the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean with its breathtaking nature and superb coastline!

The island of Corsica is a combination of mountains and rocky coastline, and is a short ferry ride from the south of France. Corsica has been influenced by many different cultures, but what dominates is the Italian element in most of the island with its Genoese fortresses, baroque churches and cuisine.When visiting Corsica, the traveler will be enchanted by the wonderful sandy beaches, perhaps the best in the Mediterranean, and the clear water bays! He will have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful walks along the region's excellent network of trails and explore the mountains and gorges of the island and of course be enchanted by the stunning views! In addition, for history lovers, Corsica has archaeological treasures and ancient sites that are well worth a visit.The trip from Sardinia to Corsica holds pleasant surprises for the visitor therefore hurry up and book online as soon as possible!

Sardinia to Corsica ferry schedule

From Sardinia to Corsica ferry schedules are frequent on a daily basis and the distance between the two islands is very short, just 12 kilometers! The most frequent and fastest connection with many daily departures is the one that departs from Santa Teresa di Gallura and arrives in Bonifacio.

Sardinia to Corsica ferry time

From Sardinia to Corsica the ferry time varies from 50 minutes to 6 hours depending on the shipping company and primarily the port of arrival. The fastest route with a 50-minute journey is from Santa Teresa, located at the northern end of Sardinia.

Sardinia to Corsica ferry connections

From Sardinia to Corsica there are several ferry connections from three different ferry companies.
The connections from Sardinian ports to Corsica ports are the following:

  • Porto Torres to Ajaccio: 1 connection/ weekly with a sailing duration of 4 hours
  • Golfo Aranci to Bastia: 2 sailings/ per week with a sailing duration appr. 5 hours
  • Porto Torres to Vecchio:1 sailing/weekly with sailing duration appr. 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio: many sailings during the day with sailing duration only 50 minutes

Useful tips for your trip from Sardinia to Corsica

  • Try to be earlier at the port, at least one hour before the departure especially if you are traveling with a vehicle
  • Check our pages dedicated to Sardinia and Corsica for more information about the ports and transportation options
  • Check through our website for special offers
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