Ferry from Sardinia to Livorno

Ferry to Livorno - A street in the beautiful little village of San Gimignano with a view of the Tuscan valley, Italy, Europe.

Travelers who take the ferry from Sardinia to Livorno, start their journey from the Mediterranean port of Olbia, considered as “the gate to the Emerald Coast”!

Hundreds of tourists prefer to board on the passengers and car ferries in Olbia as there are frequent sailings with modern conventional ships with a lot of amenities that you may need during the crossing. The ideal vacation can be easily achieved if you know in advance, all the necessary information about the distance, the duration and the basic tips for a perfect trip.

Ferry distance from Sardinia to Livorno

The sailing distance from Sardinia to Livorno and more specifically, of the popular Olbia Livorno ferry route is 300 km which equals to 186 miles and 161 nautical miles. Fully equipped conventional vessels offer an exciting and comfortable trip that you will not realize how quickly you will approach your destination.

Olbia to Livorno ferry crossing duration

The Olbia to Livorno crossing duration is estimated to be between 8 and 9 hours depending on the ship, the sailing time and the seasonality. With frequent every day routes you have the opportunity to book your ferry tickets from Sardinia to Livorno in advance, choose your ideal accommodation and enjoy!

Necessary information for your trip

  • If you are driving to reach the most visited ferry terminal of Olbia, especially during the summer months, take care to be at least 90 mins before the departure time.
  • For a most relaxing crossing is better to book a cabin in some simple steps through the isFerry booking engine
  • Check all the offers provided for an early booking (if any) through our reservation system
  • Airport bus connection to the port is available. More detailed information is available in our Olbia page
  • If you choose the summer and morning sailing, traveling on deck is ideal to enjoy the breeze and the sea view
  • Upon arrival at Livorno port, you will find all the passenger services you may need
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