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Passengers traveling by ferry to Schinoussa arrive in the island complex of the Small Cyclades, ideal for those looking for relaxation from the noisy city life!

All that the island offers is a serene natural beauty that will surely take your breath away: quaint and charming villages free from modern influences and noise, lovely beaches to rest and relax in and a traditional Greek way of life.With a population of about 206 residents, the island is located between Iraklia and Koufonisia. At the port of Mersini, you shall see yachts bob on the calm water with the blowing Meltemi winds.

Schinousa has very low hills the tallest of which, Mylos, is only 133 meters. It has many bays and peninsulas and is known for its indented coastline. Thanks to this morphology the island features many spectacular beaches with charming coves for swimming and relaxing.The smooth flat terrain is ideal for hiking and walking. The perennial mild and fresh climate gives you the impression of it being summertime all year round.

The main settlements of the island are the port village of Mersini, the capital or Chora and Messaria. Situated on the leeward side of the bay, the port Mersini is ideal for yachts.The main village, Chora or Panagia was built on a small hill by the pirates. It offers a spectacular view of the rest of the island, which used to provide refuge and shelter to pirates who stopped here to contemplate their next heist. The residents of the island are mainly agriculture workers and undertake animal husbandry, fishing and tourism as well.

Don't think about it, you have so many reasons to visit this small island, just find the dates and book your tickets in advance!

Getting to Schinoussa by ferry

Schinoussa is a small and relatively isolated island, which attracts people who love tranquility and simplicity.
In short, the island is easily accessible by boat from the port of Piraeus in Athens and the island of Naxos, but also from other islands of the Small Cyclades Group.
There are frequent ferry crossings from Piraeus to Schinoussa all year long.
There are about 3 times a week and the journey takes about 6.5 hours.
You can also reach Schinoussa from Naxos and Amorgos, the vessel departs for the islands of the Lesser Cyclades almost daily and connects Schinoussa with Naxos, Iraklia, Koufonisia, Donousa and Amorgos.

Port of Schinoussa

The main port of Schinoussa is located in Mersini, connected to other Greek ports and has a stunning landscape and numerous beaches scattered all along the coastline. From the picturesque port you can explore the surrounding islands and Athens with the ferry companies offering services to and from the port of Schinoussa. There is also a small one in Messaria that serves only the transits to Herakleia and Koufonisia with private sailing boats.

Transportation in Schinoussa

On such a small island, there is no need for public transport. You can reach any of your desired destinations by walking. As all distances are short, they can easily be covered on foot, so just make sure you bring comfortable and sturdy footwear with you; therefore, you will not find buses, taxis or rental cars.

Holidays in Schinoussa

Schinoussa is an ideal island to visit for those who enjoy hiking and walking. There are many charming routes to follow, where you will pass abandoned mills, sea caves and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature at its best.
The environment is extremely calm and peaceful and is an ideal holiday destination for those who wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of the more popular Greek islands. Visitors to Messaria can see the ruins of the old medieval settlement and visit the picturesque church of Panagia Akathia.
There are several small hills scattered around the island, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea. You can also enjoy some truly magical sunsets here.

Schinoussa beaches

All the beaches in Schinoussa are isolated, so they provide good opportunities to enjoy the peace and privacy you need during your holiday. Many beaches in Schinoussa are difficult to access because of the dirt roads, so you have to walk to get there.

Here is a detailed list of Schinoussa’s beaches:

Psili Ammos: It is one of the best beaches in Schinoussa. It can be reached through a track road or by boat. It is special for its crystal water and the soft sand.
Gerolimenas beach:The tiny bay of Gerolimnion is a real hidden gem! This stunning secluded beach is located in the northwestern part of the island and is covered with light-coloured sand.
Tsigouri: It is a remote cove that you will need to walk to get there. It is perfect to enjoy all the peace and relaxation you will need in your holidays.
Almiros: It has shallow turquoise waters, golden sand and tamarisks and is ideal for families.
Fikio: Fikio is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world: A small beach with turquoise waters, ideal if you are looking for tranquility. Best to go when it's not windy.
It is best to go when it is not windy: Small, quiet, beautiful beach with deep waters and a lovely seabed, ideal for exploring with a mask. No natural shade.
Aligaria Beach:The secluded and unorganized beach of Aligaria consists of 3 small beaches that are covered in sand and shingle and have clear blue waters.
Livadi beach: Livadi is a small, calm beach with some vegetation on the shore to provide shade. Visitors will love the quiet of this place.

Things to do in Schinoussa

In Schinoussa the main attraction is the sea. Due to its small size and limited tourist development, the things you can do in Schinoussa are limited to swimming and walking. The beaches of Schinoussa are not organized and provide no other things to do except swimming in private areas and enjoying the hot sun.
Climbing in Schinoussa is the most popular activity. The island and its inland hills have a structure that is ideal for climbing and since 2012 more than 40 spots have been opened for practicing this sport. The best place to practice this sport on the island is Harakas where there is a famous gorge. If you decide to take part in this activity you will be rewarded by the beautiful views and landscapes.
At the end of the trail you will find the beautiful beach of Tsigouri. It is recommended for both experts and amateurs as there are different routes you can follow depending on your experience. All the staff is very prepared and the instructors will teach you how to climb until the end of the day.

Accommodation in Schinoussa

A wide variety of apartments, hotels, resorts and villas all over the island of Schinoussa welcome you to enjoy your stay by the sea offering all the necessary amenities. As Schinoussa is suitable for couples holidays, there is a choice of hotels such as rooms to let, an Airbnb or even a villa.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the ideal hotel in Schinoussa:

Mersini Hotel 
Hotel Harama 
Fontana Apartments 
Agnadema Luxury Residences
Pension Meltemi 
Archipelagos Hotel 
Anatoli Studios 
Notos Studios 
Tholari Studios 
Africanis Suites 
Hotel Iliovasilema 
Theasis Luxury Suites 
Paralos Lodging 
Livadi Studios 
Grispos Villas 
Schinoussa Guest House
Pension Galini 

Island hopping from Schinoussa

The short distance between Schinoussa and Naxos or the other islands of the Small Cyclades makes it an ideal destination for island hopping.

  • Herakleia
  • Koufonisia
  • Donousa
  • Amorgos (Katapola, Aegiali)
  • Naxos
  • Paros
  • Syros
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