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Ferry to Amorgos - Whitewashed house details in Chora the capital of Amorgos island.
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Take the ferry to Amorgos, at the south eastern edge of Cyclades and visit the amazing island where the 1988 movie “Le Grand Bleu” with Jean Reno was filmed!

Amorgos in Greece, is one of the most beautiful and most impressive Cycladic islands, extending over a surface of 121 km2 with only about 2000 residents. The island, in comparison with the other greek islands in the cyclades, has escaped the mass crowds. However, you will be amazed by its marvelous beaches, the cycladic windmills, the gorgeous caves, the mind-blowing natural landscape, the minimal architecture and the hiking trails through its steep rocky terrain.

Amorgos is the ideal place for those that seek privacy, tranquility as it has managed to retain its calm and quiet character and for those that love nature and outdoor exploration.

The island was inhabited since the Early Cycladic Era and flourished during the period of the Cycladic civilization. In the prehistoric period it developed trade, shipping and arts. The island was also a place of exile during the Roman period and once occupied by the Frank and Ottomans. The island’s villages still preserve the traditional cycladic architecture and revive local customs and traditions.

Amorgos has three main settlements but the town of Amorgos (Chora) is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. Built at the centre of the island, surrounded by rocky hills, wander around the narrow streets and you will come across many traditional whitewashed houses with colorful shutters with bougainvillea trees.

The unique thing about Amorgos is that you can hike the entire island, cutting across hillsides and leading to secluded beaches. You will easily find hiking maps all throughout the island.

Book your ferry tickets to Amorgos in advance and let the locals welcome you with a smile on their face, making you feel right like home!

Ferry connections to Amorgos

The ferry connections to Amorgos are frequent, all year round, especially in the summer season. The island is connected with ferries from Piraeus, Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos. Ferries dock alternately at the two ports of the island, Katapola and Aegiali. Amorgos has no airport so in order to reach the island first you will need to proceed to a port.

  • Ferry from Athens to Amorgos: There is a regular ferry connection between Amorgos and the port of Piraeus in Athens.The duration of the trip is approximately 8 hours if you travel with a conventional ferry, which will allow you to transfer your vehicle and approximately 6 hours if you travel with a high speed ferry. There are more than 3-5 routes per week , depending on the season.
  • Ferry from Santorini to Amorgos: If you are already on one of the Cycladic islands, as Santorini, you can travel from there to Amorgos. There is a daily route, usually with a high speed ferry and the duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour.
  • Ferry from Naxos to Amorgos: There is a daily ferry connection from the bussy island of Naxos to Amorgos. The duration of the trip with the conventional ferry is approximately 3-4 hours (depending on the ferry operator) and with the high speed ferry is approximately 1hour.
  • Ferry from Mykonos to Amorgos: There is only one direct daily Mykonos to Amorgos Ferry. This route runs usually with high speed ferries and the duration of the trip is approximately 2hours and 10 minutes.

Amorgos ferry port

Amorgos has two different ports. Amorgos main ferry port is located in the middle of the island in Katapola and the port of Aegiali is situated in the north part of the island, about 20 kilometers north of Katapola

Katapola Port

The port of Katapola (also known as Amorgos port), is located 6km west of Chora, at the foot of a hill which was once the site of the ancient town of Minoa. It is the main port of the island that welcomes its visitors with the gorgeous white windmills and the traditional cycladic houses of blue and white color. Along the waterfront there are a few cafes, taverns and moorings for fishing and sailing boats. The village is divided into three settlements called Katapola, Rahidi and Xilokeratidi.

Aegiali Port

The port of Aegiali is located in a charming bay, in the picturesque village of Aegiali, about 20km north of the port of Katapola and 15 km north east of Chora. Some of the best taverns and cafeterias of the island are found there. Aegiali has one of the largest sand beaches in Amorgos with soft sand and crystal waters, a few mini markets and tourism facilities.


The island has a public bus service that carries out daily routes with starting points in Aegiali, Katapola or Chora. This is the cheapest way to get around the island since it reaches almost every village on the island.

For more information, please visit Amorgos Buses or call: + 30 2285073003, +30 6973 66 71033.


For a more comfortable and faster means of transport you can take a taxi, although it is slightly more expensive compared to buses. Many taxis can be found in the central spots of the island.
Note that a taxi ride from Aegiali to Katapola or vice versa, costs approx. 25 euros.

For further details please call:

Taxis in Katapola :+30 6932103077, +30 6937142492, +30 6972 556443
Taxis in Aegiali: +30 6937 883 838
Taxis in Chora: +30 6973 988 702

Holidays in Amorgos

Amorgos is a wonderful island, on the southern side of the Cyclades Archipelago, near Naxos and Ios, famous for its picturesque environment, the relaxing beaches, the well maintained network of hiking paths and its wild beauty. Amorgos with its Cycladic-style color, its unspoiled traditional character and the rich cultural heritage will impress you from the very beginning.

We provide below a list of must-see attractions for sightseeing in Amorgos:

Monastery of Hozoviotissa

The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is the most iconic landmark of Amorgos. This most important religious monument of the island has been called the “jewel” of the Aegean Sea. It was built during the 9th century by Alexios Komninos ( Byzantine Emperor), as an ode to the grace of Panagia (Virgin Mary) who is also the saint protector of Amorgos. The monastery is a dazzling white structure, seemingly embedded into a cliff, above the sea. To reach the entrance you will have to climb a 300 steps stairway. The endless view of the aegean sea from the mismatched windows will take your breath away. There is a strict and modest dress code. Shorts- miniskirts- bare shoulders and women in trousers are not allowed.

The Venetian Castle

The Venetian castle in Chora was built on the top of a rock, in 1290 by Ieremias Gizis for the protection of the island against invasions by saracen pirates and venetian lords. Parts of the castle’s wall with loopholes are still preserved. Do not miss the chapel of Saint George in the entrance of the castle. Enjoy the view of the entire village.

Church of Agia Anna

Located in Agia Anna beach,10minutes away from Chora, the small chapel of Agia Anna was built on a rock by the crystal clear sea. The view of the chapel when you swim is amazing.

Shipwreck Olympia

At the southern end of the island, near the beach Kalotaritisa you will find the shipwreck of the commercial ship Olympia, which lies there, half sunken, since 1980 and creates a mysterious melancholy. The beach along with the shipwreck were used as a shooting area for travel shows and documentaries as the movie “ Le Grand Bleu”.


The ancient city of Minoa, a place of worship of the god Serapis, is built on the mountainous hill of Mountoulia which overlooks Katapola. You will be able to view the ancient walls, the courtyard and the parapets from the Geometric period and a long structure of the Gymnasium, dated back to the 4th century bc. Leaving Minoan, follow a dirt road south and visit Lefkes, the home of Amorgos high school principal Ioannidis and the chapel of Saint John with an ancient column head embedded in its walls.


Chora is a typical cycladic village with an authentic and picturesque atmosphere. Do not miss the archaeological museum with the ancient objects from the Minoan civilization and the ancient windmills. During your stay in Chora visit Gavras Tower, a beautiful venetian mansion that operates as a museum with findings from excavation sites such as prehistoric tools, marble sculptures and remains of ancient temples. The post Byzantine churches of Chora are also unique and worth seeing. Visit Kera- Leoussa with the magnificent icon of the Holy Mary, the dual church of Metamorphosis, the Metropolis and the church of Agios Konstantinos.

Hotels in Amorgos

The most convenient places with the most accommodation choices are Chora, the capital of the island that gets vivid in the evening or the two ports of Katapola and Aegiali with a walking distance from the beach and the center of both villages.

Below are some of the best rated hotels and accommodations according to customer reviews:

  • Aegialis Hotel & Spa
  • Lakki Village
  • Yperia Hotel
  • Amorgion Hotel
  • Villa Le Grand Bleu
  • Pano Gitonia
  • Vorina Ktismata
  • Vigla Hotel
  • Aelia Studios
  • Aqua Petra
  • Sea House
  • Hotel Minoa
  • Pension Ilias

Beaches in Amorgos

Amorgos has many beaches for all tastes. Sandy, rocky, pebbled, organized or secluded, shallow sandy beaches ideal for family vacations or more adventurous with underwater caves, all with crystal clear waters. These gorgeous beaches were chosen as a scenery for the principal scene of Luc Besson’s movie. You can reach them on foot or even with a boat.

See our list below of Amorgos best beaches:

  • Aegiali beach: organized, sandy, family friendly, located 15km northeast of Chora. The second most popular beach of Amorgos.
  • Agia Anna beach: located 3 km from Chora, the pebbled beach of Agia Anna offers its deep blue and crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkeling.
  • Mouros beach: non organised pebbled beach, located 12 km southwest of Chora with a lovely ambience.
  • Katapola beach: a really popular partly organised beach, 6km west of Chora with a long and sandy beach.
  • Kambi beach: located 4km from Chora, a small secluded beach, surrounded by wild cliffs.
  • Psili Ammos beach: easily accessible on foot from Aegialis stands out for the natural beauty and the crystal clear waters.
  • Maltezi beach: located 9 km west of Chora, a picturesque, pebbled, non organised beach, ideal for those who need to relax.

Island hopping

Amorgos is a great destination, ideal for island hopping. Starting from the ports of Amorgos there are frequent direct sailings at a relatively low cost to the neighboring Cycladic islands and some islands of the Dodecanese. Take a ferry from Amorgos and do not miss the opportunity to visit:

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