Ferry from Sete to Nador

Ferry to Nador - Moroccan Ceramics. Beautiful ceramic handcrafts which make Morocco more special and wonderful.

Take the ferry from Sete to Nador and leave the picturesque port city in southern France to discover a major Mediterranean city in Morocco with a rich history!

Sète is a lively city and at the same time the most beautiful and charming port in the South of France,in the region of Occitania.Its uniqueness is due to its colorful buildings and its picturesque harbor and it is one of the best holiday destinations in France with a strong cultural identity and artistic interest.From Sete there are ferry connections to Nador, in exotic Morocco and clearly this destination is of great tourist interest as it connects two different countries with different cultures.Nador is located in north-eastern Morocco and is known for its historical monuments and rich history, while its culture has strong elements of different cultures that have passed through this city over the centuries.

By choosing Nador the traveler will experience important historical sites, picturesque neighborhoods and taste the Moroccan atmosphere that is pervasive in the city! There are beautiful seaside resorts and beautiful beaches, while projects are constantly underway to develop the area to make the city of Nador the largest tourist resort in Morocco! Through our booking search engine you will find the available routes with the best connections, the duration of the trip and the prices in order to help you plan your trip in advance.

Sete to Nador ferry schedule

From Sete to Nador the ferry schedules are about 2 times a week and are currently operated by two ferry companies! The route connects France and Morocco, allowing the traveler to discover two countries rich in history and culture.

Sete to Nador ferry time

From Sete to Nador the ferry time is approximately from 38 hrs to 40 hrs and may vary depending on the season, the shipping company and the vessel, so for accurate information you may use our booking engine to search for a specific travel date.

Sete to Nador ferry distance

From Sete to Nador the ferry distance is approximately 581 nautical miles (1077km).

Types of ferries on the Sete to Nador route

The types of ferries on the Sete to Nador route are conventional vessels which can carry both passengers and vehicles. On board, there are many services such as bars, cafes, restaurants, lounges, a children's playground, clothing and accessories shops and free Wi-Fi.

Due to the long duration of the trip, the passenger for a comfortable and relaxing journey can choose airtype seats (reclined seats) or spacious cabins or just deck passage which is the most economical solution!

Useful tips and information for your trip from Sete to Nador

  • Visit our pages dedicated to Sete and Nador to learn more about ferry connections and means of transport
  • The port of Sète is very busy, especially in peak season, so make sure you are at the port at least 60 minutes before your departure if you are traveling without a car and 90 minutes if you are traveling by car
  • We recommend make your booking in advance and select a cabin, for a more comfortable trip
  • Upon your arrival in Nador visit the autonomous Spanish city of Melilla which is just 16 km away, a city that belongs to the country of Spain although geographically located in Africa, right next to Morocco
  • Visit the souk of Nandor, the city's colorful market
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