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Ferry to Sete - Colorful traditional boats in Sete, a seaside resort and singular island in the Mediterranean sea, it is named the Venice of Languedoc Rousillon, France.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Sete arrive at an attractive port and a seaside cosmopolitan resort on the Mediterranean, also known as Cette until 1928!

It is a commune in the Hérault department in the Languedoc region in southern France. Nowadays people refer to Sète as “the Venice of Languedoc”. This magnificent place has its own very strong cultural identity, traditions, cuisine and dialect. It is also the hometown of a lot of artists like Paul Valéry and Georges Brassens.

It was Louis XIV who had instructed his minister Colbert to find a new sea route for the royal galleys and to create a port for shipping Languedoc’s products, Ferries to Sete approach the very same port at present. Built upon and around Mont St Clair, Sète has a network of canals that link between the Étang de Thau, an enclosed saltwater lake, and the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Sète is a center of water jousting and hosts a major tournament during the town festival, the St-Louis. If you are in Sète on the 25th August you will be amazed by the canal jousting competitions, music and fireworks in honor of St. Louis, the patron saint of the town.

Book your ferry tickets to Sete in advance and enjoy a wonderful holiday in France's cosmopolitan south coast!

Sete ferry routes

The Sete Ferry Routes connect Morocco with France either with Tangier or Nador.
Car and passengers ferries can transfer you to dreamed destinations with a huge history, several civilizations and cultures starting from before the 10th century BC.

  • Sete to Tangier with a sailing time of about 40 to 48 hours 2 times per week depending on seasonality and vessel. For more detailed information you can visit our booking engine and book your tickets in advance
  • Sete to Nador with about 37 up to 44 hours trip duration on a weekly basis. Our website is updated and in with a quick search you will get informed about prices and schedules

Sete ferry port

First and foremost a port, Sète has become a vitally important presence in southern France. Ferry routes Sete serves tourists to arrive at today's vibrant, bustling town. Visitors will find a lot of attractions, mostly within a few minutes walk from the port, including art galleries, museums and a splendid market, known for fish, seafood and local produce. Through Ferry routes, Sete passengers can find out how to get to this wonderful town with its 12 km long sandy beaches, the exquisite cuisine and the traditional jousting which is much more than simple folklore or tradition, as it reflects the very soul of Sète's inhabitants!

Montpellier International Airport to Sete Port

Upon arrival at the Montpellier International Airport, you will first have to go to Montpellier city and then reach Sete easily by train, bus and taxi.
See below your alternatives in further detail:
In order to arrive at Montpellier from the Montpellier International Airport, you must take the shuttle bus line 120 and get off at Place de l'Europe. More information about line 120 shuttle bus at Montpellier Airport Shuttle Bus. It is also possible to get to Montpellier by using the bus outside the arrivals terminal which goes to Boirargues and then boards on the tram line 3 which drops you off at Port Marianne in the city center.

After arriving at Montpellier, you can use the following means to get transferred to Sete:


Reach Saint Roch Train Station in the center of Montpellier and board on the train to Sete. Useful information at Montpellier Trains.


The bus terminal is located 3km from the city center at La Croix d road. Take the bus to Sete and in approx. 50mins you will be in Sete. Details about bus schedules at Montpellier Buses.


Taxis are always a choice to travel but can be really expensive. Grab one from the street or call +33 467 58 10 10.

Sete City Center to Sete Port

From the City Center of Sete, you can get to the Sete port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means:


There is a public bus service traveling all around the city of Sete. Detailed information at Sete Buses.

Boat Shuttle

An alternative way of transportation but also a fun one. Move around Sete in boat shuttles. Learn more about departures and arrivals at Sete Boat Shuttle.


Pick a taxi to go to Sete port or call +33 448 140 707.

Car or Camper

If you are traveling by your own car or camper there are parking lots available. For more information you can check Car Parking in Sete.

Do not miss to visit

Before departing with the Ferry from Sete, do not miss to visit the following places and sites:

  • Sete Old Port with the fishing boats and trawlers that come and go every afternoon is a seducing attraction for every visitor in the area. In the old port, every day a fish auction takes place making the market in Sete one of the biggest in the Mediterranean
  • Paul Valéry Museum opened in 1970 and contains a collection of his drawings and manuscripts.The building is constructed mainly by concrete and glass and several outdoor activities take place throughout the year
  • Espace Georges Brassens, a museum devoted to the great songwriter, singer and poet who was born and grew up in Sete
  • The International Museum of Modest Arts (MIAM) housed in a warehouse on the Canal Royal attempts to break down the artistic and cultural barriers. The Museum brings together a heritage of everyday objects and brings in the present our childhood stories with permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • Théâtre de la mer is an open-air theater for summer festivals and concerts and is located at a wonderful place by the sea overlooking the Mediterranean. It was constructed to be a fort, then in 1914 it was used as a hospital for troops and in 1959 took its current use and with its beautiful 17th century architecture welcome every summer artistic events
  • Saint-Louis Lighthouse stands at the end of Saint Louis jetty. Built around 1680 and destroyed in 1944 by Germans it was rebuilt in 1948 and nowadays it continues to be lightened and signal the entrance to the channel
  • Mont Saint-Clair the 183 meters mountain with the wonderful panoramic views is accessible by car or bus but also you can reach the top of the hill on foot in about one hour walking. Also, the Notre Dame de la Salette is worth visiting while at Mont Saint-Clair
  • One of the best ways to see Sete and to explore the canals is by arranging a boat tour
  • Petit Train with the little train in Sète, you can explore the whole city in a different and more pleasant way
  • The Corniche walk, 2 km from the town center is the starting point for several sandy beaches favorable to tourists providing many activities like scuba diving, sailing, sea kayaking and windsurfing are available
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