Ferry from Tangier to Spain

Ferry to Spain - Beautiful woman dancing flamenco near the fountain.

Leave the North African magic while travelling by ferry from Tangier to Spain and meet Barcelona port, one of the busiest ferry terminals in the Mediterranean!

The crossing from Tangier to Spain and more specifically to Barcelona, although it has a long duration, is very popular due to the geographical location of Barcelona. For the reason that the climate is mild, the crossing can become a wonderful sea cruise, so book your ferry tickets from Tangier to Spain in advance and organize your journey in accordance with your demands and needs.

Tangier-Med to Spain (Barcelona) conventional ferry

The Tangier-Med to Barcelona ferry route connects Spain to Tangier city in Morocco and is preferred by the sea lovers and by those who want to travel with their car or camper for a fascinating vacation in Europe. Regular ferries are furnished with all the comforts a passenger needs for a relaxed and safe journey.

Tangier to Spain (Barcelona) ferry schedule

The schedule of the ferries from Tangier to Spain (Barcelona) includes at least two sailings per week, which according to the seasonality changes, adding more in summer. The regular ships offer a pleasant and relaxing stay on board.

Tangier to Spain (Barcelona) ferry time

With a duration from 28 to 32 hours, sailing is a part of this wonderful excursion. The Tangier to Barcelona ferry time seems to be long but the vacation really starts from the moment you board on the modern conventional ships because of the convenience and flexibility they offer!

Some recommendations for your ferry trip

  • Tangier has two ports, the Tangier Ville in the city center and the Tangier-Med approached by most of the vessels located on the west side of the city. The ferry to Barcelona departs from Tangier-Med port
  • Check the prices though our reservation system for an early booking discount, if any
  • Tangier port may be very crowded so take care to arrive early enough, especially if you have a vehicle
  • In our page dedicated to Tangier you can find more information about the way you can approach the port
  • Check the accommodation options by visiting our online booking engine and reserve the most appropriate for your needs, having in mind the trip duration and the departure time
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