Ferry Tunis to Sicily

Ferry to Sicily - Sciacca ceramics with prickly pear cactus, Sicily, Italy.

Board on the ferry from Tunis to Sicily and start your journey to one of the most beautiful, charming and famous destinations in the Mediterranean Sea!

Sicily is the largest island of Italy and is the ideal place for unforgettable vacations with clean waters, amazing landscapes and gastronomic treasures. It will definitely amaze every visitor with the beautiful and dazzling diversity of landscapes, the charming villages and towns and the ancient ruins and archaeological sites as the island is rich in history. Either you want to hike along coastlines with mesmerizing views, climb active volcanoes or just relax on heavenly beaches and enjoy a wine tasting tour in one of many vineyards on the island, Sicily is the perfect place to be.

Book in advance your ferry tickets from Tunis to Sicily in advance and let the city amaze you with its cultural and natural beauties.

Tunis to Sicily ferry schedule 

Sicily is connected with Tunisia through the connection from the port of Tunis to the port of Palermo. There are currently two ferry operators serving this connection each offering at least 2 routes per week.
Tickets for this route are available for passengers, cars and motorbikes.

The type of vessel operating from Tunis to Sicily is a typical conventional ferry, offering a wide range of facilities and amenities on board with à la carte and self-service restaurants and cafeterias. For a more convenient and relaxing trip we suggest you book a cabin. All of the ferries have inside and outside cabins ideal for singles, couples, families or even for those you want to bring along their pets.

Distance between Tunis and Sicily 

The distance between Tunis and Sicily is approximately 352 kilometers (219 miles or 188 nautical miles).

Tunis to Sicily ferry time 

The Tunis to Sicily ferry time may vary from 13 hours to 15 hours depending on the ferry operator.

Useful information and tips

  • Through our online booking system, you can compare prices and choose which departure is the best option for you
  • In our Tunis and Sicily pages, you get the opportunity to check all available transportation options
  • It is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially if you want to visit Sicily during the summer period
  • Arrive at the port of Tunis at least one hour before the scheduled departure for check in and embarkation

How to get from Tunis to Sicily with conventional ferries, details of scheduled departures, updated prices and how to reach the ports!

Conventional ferry from Tunis to Sicily

There is one basic ferry type for the route from Tunis to Sicily: Conventional (regular car ferries).

Regular car ferries take more travel time from Tunis to Sicily but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Especially on day trips, normal ferries are a relaxing way to travel between Tunis and Sicily, with all the fantastic sea views and the sea breeze someone can enjoy from the decks!

Check out all ferry types and their overall characteristics!

Choose your departure date and get all current ferry schedules and prices from Tunis to Sicily!

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