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Pack your things and travel with the modern Corsica Ferries to cross the Tyrrhenian and Balearic Seas in a smooth journey while enjoying the amenities on board!

Corsica - Sardinia Ferries is a shipping company founded in 1968 by Pascal P. Lota with the name Corsica Line and is responsible for passenger trasportation between the mainland of Italy and Sardinia (Olbia and Golfo Aranci). Its headquarters are based in Bastia. The carrier was a pioneer in the connection of Sardinia with Corsica, plus in the Livorno - Bastia connection which links the western Italian mainland with northeastern Corsica. As the years past, the company's big success led it to expand to France and Elba Island and soon became the leading company of Corsica. 

Nowadays, Corsica Ferries is the premier carrier on the Western Mediterranean, transporting over 2.8 million passengers annually. serves destinations in Italy, Sardinia, Elba, France, Corsica and Mallorca in Spain. Then consisted of one ferry, "Corsica Express", with the capacity of 600 passengers and 60 vehicles, now (after 2000) their fleet is renewed and proudly owns 12 state-of-the-art ships which have reduced the travel times significantly while also participating in the project "Corsica Ferries Forests" in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Each one of their vessels provide plenty of amenities on board along with various accommodation options. Bars, restaurants with special menu's for kids, playrooms, shops, comfortable lounges and accessible outdoor decks are some of their benefits. It is notable to mention that all of their restuarants are members of "Chaine des Rotisseurs", a guarantee for international cuisine of top chefs. Additionally, your pets are welcomed to be accommodated while there is infrastructure in all ships for people with reduced mobility (specially modificated cabins, lifts, ramps).

Corsica Ferries offers reduced fares for some specific routes, family, luggage and caravan discounts. You also have the capability to use the "Top Position" or "Express Boarding" service, which allow you to avoid waiting in long queues and you can embark/ disembark first.  

*Only for the route Livorno - Bastia, passengers can benefit from the "Nautel" formula which gives them the opportunity to occupy their cabin from the night before their trip!


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