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Board on the fast vessels of Righetti Navi and cross the Adriatic Sea, starting from Italy's east coast, to reach Croatia's northern gorgeous lush islands!

Righetti Navi is an Italian shipping company whose headquarters are based in Cesenatico, Italy and was founded in 1980 by the Righetti family whose members, firstly specialized in ship mechanics. After around 10 years of success in maritime activities, they decided to take it one step further and started managing passenger transportation from Italy's east coast to Croatia's mainland and islands. 

It is worth mentioning that the carrier has earned many certifications in the field of maritime safety. Its small speed boats such as NAUTILUS, will cross the Adriatic in very little time while providing cozy armchairs, snack bars and air-conditioned areas. 

The ship NAUTILUS is operating routes, starting either from Pesaro or Cesenatico and arrive in Novalja, Lussino (Losinj) and Rovigno (Rovinj).


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