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Make your reservation with the well-known Seajets which possesses the largest fleet with high-speed vessels and enjoy a fascinating voyage in the Aegean Sea!

Since its foundation in 1989, the company has been a high-level services provider to the Greek shipping and possesses an ultra-modern fleet. Sea Jets are characterized by their active presence for all these years and by the safe and reliable sea transportation they offer. Every Sea Jet ferry aims at announcing its itineraries for the following year on time, in order to assist travelers in planning their trip to Greece. In addition, the company lengthens the operation time of their ships so as to contribute to the extension of the tourist season - its high-speed boat vessels are active 8 months of the year!

Seajets Ferry

Each Seajets ferry belongs to the largest high-speed fleet in the Cyclades and Crete (14 high-speed boat vessels and 3 conventional ferries) and they also are the largest high-speed ferries in the world in terms of capacity (15.000 passengers annually per ship). Seajets are always providing their customers the best services and facilities.

The carrier connects the ferry ports that are on the Greek mainland and islands fast, consistently and safely. The timetables include the ports Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrion, Crete, Amorgos, Anafi, Ios, Milos, Sifnos, Tinos, Siros, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos.

Seajets Tickets

For the Seajets check-in and embarkation, travelers and owners of vehicles must reach the port offices with their Seajets tickets as follows:

  • Foot passengers must check-in at least 1 hour prior to departure
  • Passengers with vehicles must check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure
  • Seajets Ferries reserves the right to forbid boarding with 100% cancellation fees if the time mentioned above is not held
  • Drivers must follow the embarkation and disembarkation instructions of the crew
  • Occupants of the vehicles are asked to leave the vehicle and go on board by foot

Seajets Seat Types

Below you can see all the Seajets seat types in order to book what suits you best:

Economy Seats

  • These seats are spread all over the ship and you don't have numbers so they are free to use
  • Economy seats are separated in the indoor and the outdoor ones with the indoor being more comfortable since they are similar to armchairs while the outdoor are plastic chairs and benches. On the other hand, there is the advantage of enjoying the endless blue sea when being outside and relish a cool drink
  • In the economy class, you are not allowed to have your luggage with you except for a small backpack and they are stored in a different area of the vessel

Air Type Seats

  • Also called reclining seats, they are numbered seats and your seat number is imprinted on the ticket
  • These particular seats are placed in their own private lounges on board and are very convenient for a nap
  • There is no discrimination between those lounges and moreover, passengers can store their luggage near their seats in specially designed racks
  • Private lounges are easily compared with the first-class carriage of a train

Business Class or VIP

  • The most comfortable seats which are also located in a separate section in the ship
  • Another advantage of the Seajet VIP seat is that it contains its own bars which are restricted to other passengers


  • The most convenient way of traveling especially for longer voyages with a slightly higher price
  • There is the option of choosing between 2-bed and 4-bed cabins
  • Clean towels and linen are provided to all cabins
  • All cabins contain a private bathroom and offer plenty of space
  • There is the opportunity of booking an inside or an outside cabin. Outside cabins have a window with sea view while inside ones don't and are more suitable for those who get easily seasick since they are less affected by rocking

Disregarding the accommodation category you have reserved, all on board amenities are at your disposal (including restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's).

You can also check our FAQ page for any further questions.

Pet Policy

Passengers traveling with one or more pets can book online the following options:

  • Pet in cabin with an extra cost of 50 Euros per passage and pet. Have in mind that these cabins are limited and vary from vessel to vessel. There is no difference between them and normal cabins except for the absence of a carpet
  • Pet in kennel for 20 more Euros per passage and pet on the roofed deck of the ship
  • Pet without our services which means that you can keep your pet in its box or on a leash on the open deck. In this case, there is no extra charge

On our pets on board page you can learn more about the pet policy.

Luggage Allowance

Sea Jeats ships offer to all passengers special baggage areas on board (on embarkation) with no baggage restrictions and no extra charges.

Seajets Discount

Benefit from the Seajets discount and other offers and save up to 30% - for example:

  • the Seajets children discount of up to 50%
  • the Seajets infants discount of up to 100%
  • possible Seajets seasonality and student rebates of up to 20%

Most Seajets discounts and offers are combinable and valid for all crossings under conditions!


Seajets booking terms

Seajets fleet

The ferry ship Master Jet is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Master Jet
Call Sign:5BKD3 Length:74 m Width:26 m Speed (Knots):33
Number of Passengers:648 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:75 Year Built:1991
The ferry ship Megajet is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Call Sign:SYBS Length:77,46 m Width:26 m Speed (Knots):33
Number of Passengers:750 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:100 Year Built:1996
The ferry ship Seajet 2 is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Seajet 2
Call Sign:SX6800 Length:42 m Width:10 m Speed (Knots):38
Number of Passengers:386 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles: Year Built:1998
The ferry ship Superjet is a catamaran that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Call Sign:SX3772 Length:42 m Width:10 m Speed (Knots):37
Number of Passengers:394 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles: Year Built:1995
The ferry ship Tera Jet is a mono hull that belongs to the high speed vessel type
Tera Jet
Call Sign: Length:145 m Width:22 m Speed (Knots):45
Number of Passengers:2100 Number of Beds: Number of Vehicles:600 Year Built:1999
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