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Ferry to Agios Kirikos Ikaria - Fishermen boats at the port.
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Taking the ferry to Agios Kirikos, the visitor meets the capital of Ikaria, which is considered as one of the most picturesque settlements of the Aegean!

Agios Kirikos was founded three hundred years ago by sailors and has been built amphitheatrical over the gulf of the port.
Agios Kirykos, or just Agios as the locals shorten it, is the island’s capital, containing most public services, schools and the hospital. It’s one of the two main ports. It’s home to 2,955 inhabitants (2011 census). All the villages of the island form the municipality of Ikaria.

Agios Kirykos, located on the upper third of the south coast, was formed in the 16th or 17th century. Its patron saint is Saint Kirykos and its immense, blue-domed church stands just above the harbor. On the breakwater harbor wall stands a modernist metal statue depicting Icarus with his wings, the Ikariada.
A folklore museum was created recently. The islanders donated its exhibits which show everyday life, relics of wars and events from ancient times until now. A jewel for the city is an archeological museum, housed in a former high school building.

Houses stand close to each other, according to the traditional island architecture, with tall windows framed in blue or red. Adornments are neoclassical buildings.
The town structure is dense, amphitheatrical, with narrow cobbled alleys. In the portside village square lies a marble monument to Ikarian heroes, with a fountain at its base. Surrounded by shops, taverns, coffee shops and bars the paved square attracts many visitors.

Book your ferry tickets to Agios Kirikos in advance and feel the relaxation and simple way of like of Ikaria!

How to Get to Agios Kirikos by ferry

Ferry routes to Agios Kirikos are available from the port of Piraeus, about 3 times per week. However, the trip lasts about 11 hours.
There is a ferry connection between Ikaria and some nearby islands, too, including Samos, Syros, Mykonos, Chios and Fourni. During summer months, Ikaria is also connected by ferry with Kavala, which is located on the northern part of the Greek mainland.

Agios Kirikos ferry port

Agios Kirikos, is the capital of the island of Ikaria and is located in the south of the island. The port of Agios Kirykos is located very close to the center of town. There are connecting ferries for passengers and commercial ships. This is the main port on the island and has many shops and cafes along with the Harbor Master's headquarters. There are connections from here to other islands and the port also serves commercial vessels. There are many restaurants and bars in the vicinity. There is a small marina nearby used for private yachts and fishing boats.

Transportation in Agios Kirikos

Ikaria is a tranquil place, well-known for its relaxing atmosphere and easy-going way of living. You should definitely explore every spot of this beautiful place and create the most wonderful memories!

Concerning your transportation in Agios Kirikos, you have several different options to select:

Public Buses

Public transportation such as the bus, is an amusing way to explore the region. Local buses transfer visitors to the most touristic places. You can find more information about routes and timetables on Agios Kirikos Bus.

Car and Motorbike Rentals

With a car or motorcycle, you can explore the island at your own pace and gain access to the most secluded spots! In case you don't have your own vehicle, it is an excellent idea to rent a car for your sightseeing trips! There are a few car rentals in Agios Kirikos.


A taxi might be an expensive option, compared to buses for instance, however it is definitely a choice that offers you easy and fast transfer to your destination. Many taxis can be found in every central spot of the island. You can book a taxi by calling any of the following phone numbers: +30 22750 31587 or +30 697 383 6836. Otherwise, you can always visit Agios Kirikos Taxis.

Holidays in Agios Kirikos

Agios Kirikos is the main gateway of the island, connected by land, sea and air to other islands of Greece. Most of the public services of the island can be found here, as well as most of the night life, with various bars, taverns and clubs. A few hotels and many rooms for rent are available at Agios Kirikos. It is a sure thing that your holidays in Agios Kirikos will be fun and relaxing, allowing you to refill your batteries to the fullest.

Beaches in Agios Kirikos

Exotic, romantic, crowded or isolated, the beaches of Ikaria are unique - discover them all! Here is a list of many, organized or not, with pebbles or fine sand and crystal water, ideal for all ages and tastes, set in an incomparably beautiful natural environment!

  • Next to the port of Agios Kirikos is a small pebble beach, ideal for easy and quick access from the center of the town
  • Prioni Beach is in a small cove in the southeast, situated between Agios Kirykos and Therma
  • Skepsi Beach in the south lies below the road from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrti. It takes its name from the statue placed right beside the beach

Hotels in Agios Kirikos

For accommodation, there is a selection of hotels and rooms operating in Ag Kirikos, where you can find comfortable and affordable accommodation for your stay here.

You will find below our selection with the best hotels on Ag Kirikos:

  • Pyrgos Traditional Village
  • Anthemis Hotel
  • Peskesi
  • Gefyraki
  • Captain Ikaros
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