Ferry from Athens to Naxos

Ferry to Naxos - Theatrical scenery set on a magnificent beach in Naxos, Cyclades, Greece.

Board on the conventional or high-speed ferry from Athens to Naxos which departs either from Piraeus or Lavrio and arrive in the biggest Cycladic island!

Getting to Naxos from Athens is easy and fast. It can either happen from the port of Piraeus in the western suburbs of Athens or from Lavrio port in the southeast of Greece’s capital. There are both conventional and high-speed ferries operating the specific routes and in summer period, they tend to get denser due to the high demand.

Athens to Naxos ferry time

The Athens to Naxos ferry time depends on the departure point, vessel type and number of stopovers in the neighboring islands. Generally, the duration of the trip is between 3.5-6 hours. The total distance from Athens to Naxos port, and more specifically, from the port of Piraeus is around 180 km (97 nm) while from Lavrio port is approx. 138 km (74 nm).

High speed or conventional ferry boat from Athens to Naxos?

High speed ferries are reducing the ferry trip duration almost in half but come in a slightly higher price. On the other hand, conventional ferry boats are a fun way to travel since they provide many facilities on board, plus a vehicle garage and an open deck where you can enjoy a snack overlooking the view. In most cases, the trip duration with a high-speed lasts 3.5 hours and around 6 hours with a regular one.

Piraeus port or Lavrio port?

Due to the fact that Piraeus is a much bigger port than the one in Lavrio, there is a wider range of itineraries towards Naxos. Moreover, Piraeus abstains only few kilometers from the center of Athens and they are also well-connected with the public transportation means.

Lavrio, in the eastern suburbs, is a more exotic place than Piraeus, with many attractive cafeterias by the sea, perfect for a quick snack before your departure.

Tips for your ferry trip to Naxos

  • If you are boarding from Piraeus, make sure you arrive around 2 hours prior to your passage since it tends to get crowded in high season months
  • In our Piraeus and Lavrio pages, you are able to find information on public transportation services
  • Naxos is a favorite choice for travelers, even for a day trip from the nearby islands, so please, consider booking your ferry tickets from Athens to Naxos in advance
  • Through the is Ferry booking engine, you get the opportunity to view all available schedules, compare prices and pick the type of vessel you prefer for your journey
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