Ferry from Barcelona to Civitavecchia

Ferry to Civitavecchia - Boat with clothing and equipment of the fishermen in the fishing port of Civitavecchia.

Board on the ferry from Barcelona to Civitavecchia that departs from one of the busiest harbors in the Mediterranean Sea and connects Spain with Rome!

This ferry route serves the connection between mainland Italy and the Iberic peninsula. Barcelona is one of the most important ports in Europe for both commercial shipping and tourism, hosting many tourists from around the world each year. Civitavecchia is a coastal town that is located 72 km northwest of Rome. Nowadays, Civitavecchia is an important Mediterranean port that connects central Italy with Barcelona. Get all the necessary details for the ferry route from Barcelona to Civitavecchia in the lines below.

Ferry distance from Barcelona to Civitavecchia

The ferry distance between Barcelona and Civitavecchia is 955 km, equal to 516 nautical miles.

Barcelona to Civitavecchia ferry duration

The route connecting Barcelona and Civitavecchia provides 6 weekly sailings with a travel duration that lasts around 20 hours, always depending on the vessel type and the weather conditions.

Conventional ferry to Civitavecchia from Barcelona

The conventional ferries which sail to Civitavecchia from Barcelona are a unique experience that every traveler should embrace. Spacious areas, big variety of seats and cabins, garages with space for camping on board and lots of amenities to make your journeys one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the particular vessels are departing towards Civitavecchia almost all days of the week.

Helpful information for your journey to Civitavecchia

  • Visit our Barcelona and Civitavecchia pages to receive details about all the land services in order to approach or leave the ports
  • Please, consider booking your tickets in advance since it is a very demanded crossing from Spain to Italy
  • Remember to be present at the port 1-2 hours prior to your departure for the embarkation and check-in procedure
  • Rome is relatively close to Civitavecchia and they are linked with public transportation
  • Check all available routes and compare prices by taking advantage of the isFerry booking engine in very few steps
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