Ferry from Crete to Naxos

Ferry to Naxos - Theatrical scenery set on a magnificent beach in Naxos, Cyclades, Greece.

Passengers who take the ferry from Crete to Naxos enjoy a pleasant sailing from the southern part of the Aegean Sea to the largest island of the Cyclades!

Being the largest island of Greece, Crete gathers every year a large number of tourists not only to spend their summer holidays near the beach but also to visit the archaeological sites, the museums and the traditional villages. The privileged location of the island and the warm Mediterranean climate attract tourists throughout the year as most of the towns are very well organized.

The trip from Heraklion to Naxos gives passengers the opportunity to visit the capital of Crete, a place full of history and attractions, archaeological sites and museums, churches and squares, each one with its own unique charm of the past. If you have the time before departing from Heraklion to Naxos do not miss to visit the most important sites. You will not regret it.

If you start your journey from Rethymno port you will have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful seaside towns of the northern coast of Crete, with a traditional atmosphere, a picturesque old town full of restaurants, bars and shops. One of the most popular places to visit is the well preserved old Venetian small harbor where you can have a delicious dinner and taste the famous Cretan cuisine.

Upon arrival at Naxos harbor by ferry you will see the most popular sight of the island, the “Portara”, a marble gate of the Temple of Apollo, the ancient Greek god of music and poetry. The lively Chora is the main town with picturesque paved roads, white houses, local taverns and a lot of hotels and small shops selling local products and tourist souvenirs. The variety of the unique beaches like Agia Anna, Plaka, Agios Prokopios together with the seaside and mountainous villages like Filoti, Kastraki, Mikri Vigla, Halki, Apiranthos and more will make your holidays unforgettable.

If you would like to experience the Crete Naxos ferry journey, choose the port of departure, select your favorite accommodation type and book your tickets in advance through our updated website!

Crete to Naxos ferry schedule

The Crete to Naxos ferry schedule includes 2 ferry routes one from Heraklion and one from Rethymno:

  • Heraklion to Naxos ferry route with 1 or 2 direct daily sailings during summer months. There is the option to take the boat to Santorini from Heraklion and then from Santorini to Naxos but you need much more hours traveling. During the low season from October to May there are less crossings, so keep in mind to check for availability in advance
  • Rethymno to Naxos ferry operates during the high season period with 1 or 2 weekly sailings. Frequency and duration of the trip may vary from season to season, so it is recommended to check our website to get all the updated information about schedules and prices

Crete to Naxos ferry time

The Crete to Naxos ferry time varies depending on the port of departure, the type of vessel and the weather conditions which sometimes may cause delays.
The Heraklion to Naxos ferry time is estimated to be 30h and 30 min while the Rethymnon to Naxos sea journey lasts 4h and 10 min.

Crete to Naxos ferry distance

The Crete to Naxos ferry distance from Heraklion port is 106 nautical miles and the sea trip from Rethymno is 108 nautical miles.

Crete to Naxos ferry type

Modern high speed passenger and car/passenger ferries operate the sailing from Crete to Naxos. The vessels are fully equipped with all the facilities for a pleasant and comfortable journey. Lounges with numbered economy or business seats, bars for a drink or a snack are available during the journey.

Useful information for your trip

  • Take advantage of possible discounts and offers which may be valid for the period you are traveling
  • The prices on our website are automatically estimated in order to give you the best ticket prices
  • Pets are allowed to travel on the ferry Crete Naxos under conditions. Check our website for more information
  • Do not leave Heraklion before visiting the Minoan Palace of Knossos, where you can go from the old town by bus in 15 minutes
  • The port of Heraklion is very crowded, especially during the summer months, so have in mind to be at least 1 hour before departure for check-in and embarkation
  • Our pages dedicated to Heraklion and Rethymno can give you all the information you need for a visit to the most important sights
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