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Ferry to Datca - Almond flowers, springtime Close-up of almond flowers from Datca, Mugla, Turkey.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Datca arrive at a long and narrow peninsula in south-west Turkey with a rich fauna, beautiful coasts, sandy beaches and bays!

The complete peninsula district, one part of which extends towards the Mediterranean and the other towards the Aegean Sea, as well as the center, which is situated in its middle, is called Datca. Many coves and small bays form the outline of the peninsula and make it a perfect tourist destination for leisure time and discovery.
Traveling to the destination Datca Turkey gives visitors the opportunity to take a first picture of the beautiful coastline, which invites them to explore. And this is possible! Many small boats, usually gullets, can be taken in order to experience the vast number of coves and bays which the peninsula Datca mugla province has to offer. Even the near coasts of Bodrum and Marmaris can be reached with these boats. Passengers leaving with the ferries from Datca will have experienced a fauna which differs a lot from the one of the rest of the Turkish mainland. In addition to partially rough roads, the peninsula maintains its natural beauty. But, massive tourism is more and more on its way to Datca. Big scale infrastructure for the tourism industry has already been put on the conversation table between the government and the inhabitants of Datca.

Ferry port of Datca

The ferry port of Datca is the starting point of the daily ferries and the heart of the town. Visitors who spend their holidays in the area can have lunch or dinner in one of the fish restaurants or take a walk through the paths of the city. Hotels and shops are in front of Datca marina where yachts moor during the summer holiday period. The port promenade is the best place for drinking a coffee, relaxing and having a great view of the ferries and hydrofoils that connect the close Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi. Another famous local 2-hour ferry service runs from Bodrum to Datca.

Datca City Center to Datca Port

As we are referring to a port city center the distances are not long and most places are easily approached by taxi, bus or foot. A lot of hotels are within walking distance from the port, the promenade and the center with all the facilities you may need like supermarkets, local open market, restaurants and shops. 

Below are your transportation alternatives:

  • The main bus terminal is located in İskele, 48900 Datça/Muğla. Ask them for detailed information about schedules and stopovers. 
  • Taxis in Datca 

Holidays in Datca

Hotels in Datca

Luxurious hotels, airbnb apartments and resorts welcome every visitor to feel and taste the Turkish hospitality and food specialties. In the following lines, we can give you some recommendations for hotels in Datca, Turkey:

  • Fuda Hotel
  • Datca Boutik Hotel
  • Kargilos Hotel Beach
  • Bora hotel
  • Hotel Mare
  • Sapphire Hotel
  • Palm Bay Beach Hotel
  • Tas Apart
  • Doada Hotel
  • My Marina Select Hotel
  • D Maris Bay
  • Datca Vineyard
  • Olive Farm of Datca

Beaches in Datca

In Dacta, at a distance of 20 km from the city center, there are beautiful blue flag certified beaches where visitors can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. The most preferable Datca beaches are listed below:

  • Taslik Beach is a sandy and pebbly beach close to the center but calm and clean, usually crowded during the summer period
  • Kumluk is another popular sandy beach in the real heart of Datca near to hotels, restaurants and bars easily accessible for families with children
  • Hastanealti Beach is usually preferred by those who like windsurfing as north winds are blowing in the area. A pebbly and narrow beach but clean and not very crowded
  • Karaincir is a lovely beach with crystal turquoise waters and golden sand ideal for snorkeling and swimming. There is a parking place nearby and during high season is usually crowded. The view is very picturesque as it is a coastline among the mountains with tiny bays accessible to families and seniors for relaxing and sunbathing
  • For those who prefer pebbly and less crowded beaches, Mandalya is a good choice. Equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and showers as well as a beach restaurant and a parking place directly on the beach is a good idea for a close to town break
  • At a distance of about 30 minutes from the city, there is Ovabuku Datca Beach Resort with grey pebbles so it is recommended to wear swimming shoes. It has a large free area with easy access as there is a car parking nearby. Sup-surfing is possible and a camp site is located close by. Another part of the beach is occupied by resorts with facilities like a restaurant, showers, umbrellas and loungers
  • Situated 18 km from the town center in Mesudiye village, Hayitbuku is ideal for families with children as the sea is calm and shallow. It is a lovely bay with all day facilities
  • Accessible only by boat, Akvaryum Beach is located among the mountains with natural shade as it is covered with trees. Unorganized and virgin with no facilities is less crowded, ideal for those who love just nature, sea and sun
  • A little further from the city center, at a distance of 20 km, is Palamutbuku Beach, one of the best, according to many tourists. It is a real holiday village, with organized resorts, restaurants, bars and water activities but also with a quite large free space for those who prefer to relax in a less crowded place

Things to do and places to go in Datca

  • Old Datca and Can Yucel’s House, the residence of a famous Turkish poet that lived, died and buried in Datca.The area has preserved the history and tradition with the cobbled narrow streets and the old stone houses although some of them have been renovated and nowadays are used as Boutique Hotels
  • Knidos Ancient City, one of the most important historical sites, is situated 35 km west of Datca town, Mugla. It is an ancient Greek city where you can see the round Temple of the sea goddess Aphrodite Euploia. Also, many buildings have been identified during the excavations like the theater, the odeum, the temple of Dionysus and others. The British archeologist Newton discovered Demeter of Knidos, an ancient Greek statue that is a characteristic example of the Hellenistic period around 350 BC According to Greek mythology Demeter was the goddess of the Earth, fertility and agriculture. Nowadays, the sculpture is on display in the British Museum
  • Kizlan Yel Mills are traditional windmills which are advantaged by the peninsula’s strong winds
  • Make an excursion from Datca to Marmaris by bus or car at a driving distance of about 1 hour. Marmaris is a tourist resort as well as a port city with natural beauties and a significant archeological interest
  • A good idea is to make an organized all inclusive boat trip and spend the whole day sunbathing and swimming with several stops to different beaches, caves and islets untouched by tourism, some of them protected for their natural and archeological value
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