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Passengers traveling by ferry to Ithaca visit the famous island of Odysseus, the legend from Homer's epos!

The green Ionian island with its beautiful beaches and picturesque settlements offers a peaceful holiday. Vathi, the port of the island is a natural closed bay that hosts the capital of Ithaca. With Venetian influences on architecture, two-store houses with tiled roofs and paved paths compose the traditional settlement. The island's commercial and tourist center, Vathi, gathers a large number of visitors in the summer. The island has a special place in the heart of those you take a ferry back from Ithaca.

Anyone traveling to the destination Ithaca is enchanted by the natural beauty and the sense of tranquility that exudes the landscape. The same feeling accompanies the visitor in his tour to the settlements of Perachori, Anogi, Stavros and Exagogi where he discovers medieval ruins, monoliths and elaborated churches. Kioni, a traditional seaside village amphitheatrically built around a lush bay, is one of the favorite places for holidaymakers. Green waters, white pebbles, trees reaching the surface of the sea are the main features of the beaches of the island. Sarakiniko, Filiatro, Gidaki, Aspros Gialos are some of the most beautiful beaches available for swimming and exploration.

Ithaca is located south of Lefkada and northeast of Kefalonia with an area of 96 square kilometers and 3.084 inhabitants. The Ithaca ferry schedules link Vathy port to Patras, and Piraeus port with Killini and Astakos Aitoloakarnania. Ithaca routes also connect the island with the Ionian islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia via the ports of Frikes and Piso Aetos.

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