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Ferry to Ithaca - Sandy beach with rocky mountains and clear blue sea along the northern coast of the Greek island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea.
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Plan your trip by ferry to Ithaca, one of the most impressive islands of the Ionian Sea, full of green landscapes, turquoise waters and picturesque villages!

Ithaca (or Ithaki) the green Ionian island with its beautiful beaches and picturesque settlements offers a peaceful holiday. Although the island is one of the first choices of tourists for the green landscape, the lovely seaside and mountainous villages, it also has a rich history and culture as shown by the exhibits in the Archaeological Museum, the Nautical and Folklore Museum, the site of Agios Athanasios and the ancient town of Alalcomenae. According to the epic poem of Homer written in the 8th century BC, The Odyssey, Ithaca was the kingdom of the hero Ulysses who, after the Trojan War and his adventures during the way back home, managed to return to his homeland.
The island became a part of Greece in 1864 but since then was ruled by the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the Normans, the French and the British.
Ithaca is a paradise for walkers and for those who prefer a more quiet island far from the cosmopolitan sea resorts. Being one of the smallest islands of the Ionian Sea, Ithaca with the 3000 permanent residents, has villages that keep their traditional character, despite the tourist traffic of the summer. During the day you can enjoy a coffee or a meal at a restaurant overlooking the port and in the evening you can have a drink at a bar in Vathy which is the only place with a vivid nightlife.

Take a ferry to the Ionian islands and to the mythical island of Odusseus and in a few hours you will admire the incredible beauty of the emerald waters and the lush greenery landscape.

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Ithaca ferry routes

Ithaca is connected with the ports of Greece's mainland, Patras, Kyllini and Astakos.
Ithaca ferry routes also connect the island with the other Ionian islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia via the ports of Frikes and Piso Aetos (Pisaetos).

The most common Ithaca ferry routes are the following:

  • Ferry from Patras to Ithaca, a route usually operated during the summer period with a trip duration of about 4 hours. The ferry route may include intermediate stops to other islands, like Kefalonia.
  • Ferry from Kyllini to Ithaca, a seasonal route which is very popular during the high season.
  • Ferry from Astakos to Ithaca (Pisaetos) is active throughout the year with a trip time of about 3 hours.
  • Ferry from Kefalonia (Sami) to Ithaca (Pisaetos) is a quick crossing of 30 min duration that connects the two Ionian islands.
  • Ferry from Kefalonia (Poros) to Ithaca (Pisaetos) with a less than an hour ferry trip.

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Ferry ports in Ithaca

Vathy is the port and the capital of the island, situated in a nice bay. In the middle of the bay there is Lazareto, an islet with the church of Sotiros dating back to 1968.
The traditional settlement has Venetian influences on architecture, two-store houses with tiled roofs and paved paths. Being the island's commercial and tourist center, Vathi gathers a large number of visitors in the summer.
One of the most visited ferry ports in Ithaca is the port of Pisaetos which is located opposite the port of Kefalonia, Sami. Less organized than Vathi, in Pisaetos there is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Ferries and smaller boats with destination Astakos, Sami or Poros in Kefalonia depart from the port of Pisaetos.

Getting around Ithaca

The best way to move around Ithaca is by car, motorbike or taxi. In Vathy there are also agencies that rent cars, motorbikes and bicycles for the passengers who do not have their own vehicle. In addition there is a bus service from Vathy with the starting point at the central square of the town. The KTEL buses connect Vathy with the villages in the north part of Ithaca.

  • For more information about the buses please call the telephone number: +30 26740 32104.
  • For taxi services you can call +30 699 392 5759, +30 694 655 2397, +30 697 392 8901, +30 694 587 7518

Foot passengers who arrive by ferry at Piso Aetos (Pisaetos) and Frikes, have to use a taxi which is the only way to move to and from the ports. A good idea, if you are traveling during the high summer season, is to book a taxi in advance to pick you up at the harbor.
Another way to explore the hidden beauties of the island is by hiring a small fishing boat or a taxi boat to transfer you to the unique beaches approachable only by sea. For more information about Ithaca boats and sea excursions you can call +30 697 665 4351, +30 694 467 0779

Holidays in Ithaca

Ithaca Beaches

Ithaca has mainly pebbled beaches, most of them are reached by car but some are only accessible by boat or foot. Green waters, white pebbles, and trees reaching the surface of the sea are the main features of the beaches of the island.

  • Filiatro is considered the most cosmopolitan pebbled beach of the island. Families and friends prefer this beach as it offers sun loungers and umbrellas but also a beach bar with drinks, coffees and food.
  • Sarakiniko is a nice beach with pebbles and clear waters but with no facilities for visitors.
  • Skinos is a rocky beach in a small bay with pines which reach the sea and safe shallow waters.
  • Gidaki, close to Skinos, is a beautiful beach reachable by boat or by walking along a path.
  • Platia Ammos is the only fine sand beach situated in Afales, the big bay in the north part of the island.
  • Piso Aetos (Pisaetos) is a pebbly beach next to the homonymous port, with olive trees reaching to the edge of the sea.
  • Μnimata, a beach without amenities, is preferred by those who want to relax under the shade of the trees and enjoy the sun and sea far from the noisy organized areas. The beach is located close to Vathy at a distance of 10 minutes by car.
  • Kaminia is a perfect beach with crystal waters and pebbles but with no amenities.
  • Loutsa is a little bay with a sandy beach, close to the town of Vathy.
  • Ammos tis Marias (Sand of Maria) are two picturesque beaches that are separated by rocks. The only way to visit the place is by sea. Local, private boats can transfer you for an enjoyable swim to the clear crystal waters of the area.
  • Aspros Gialos is another beautiful beach with pebbles but without natural shadow. Some umbrellas are available in a part of the beach.

Ithaca Villages

  • Vathi, besides being the main port of the island, is the largest village with around 2000 inhabitants. In 1953 the earthquakes destroyed most of the buildings but with the efforts of the locals the remarkable Venetian properties were rebuilt and restored and today they stand there to remind the history of this place. The visitors can admire the restored Cathedral of Saint George , the Archaeological Museum and the house of the hero of the Greek revolution of 1821, Odysseas Androutos.
  • Kioni is a traditional village in the southeast of Ithaca, built on the slopes of a mountain with many taverns and coffee shops along the picturesque port. Today the area has become a summer tourist resort and it is considered one of the most beautiful villages of the Ionian Sea.
  • Frikes is a fishing village at the northern part of Ithaca with a small harbor which every summer becomes alive. A lot of boats arrive every day and tourists have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches. During the summer season boats connect Ithaca with Lefkada.
  • Stavros, at a distance of 16 km from Vathy, is located 110 meters above sea level with a wonderful view of the island of Kefalonia. A nice village with a lot of history and archaeological finds but also a good place to stay with a lot of rooms for rent and good quality taverns to taste the local food. In the center of the village there is also a sculpted bust of Odysseus.
  • Pilicata village is next to Stavros and offers a wonderful view to the sea.
  • Αnogi is the most mountainous village of the island and from there you can enjoy an amazing sunset. On the way to Anogi you will meet the Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa, the patron saint of the island which celebrates on the 8th of September.
  • Perachori, at an altitude of 300 meters above Vathi, is one of the oldest villages in Ithaca. The traditional stone houses are the characteristic of the settlement which preserves the traditions and the customs of the area.
  • Exogi is located in north Ithaca on top of a 340 meter mountain with a great view to the cliffs around Afales Beach. It is believed that the Palace of Odysseus, which is now an archaeological site, used to be in the area between Exogi and Platrithias.

Useful tips for Ithaca

While in Ithaca do not miss to visit the island of Kefalonia with its beautiful beaches. It is definitely worth visiting and surely for more than just for one day. You should spend at least a weekend there. During the summer period routes are operated between the islands of the Ionian Sea. The local specialties of Ithaca will be waiting for you at a local seaside tavern near the beach or at a pretty village. If you happen to be in Ithaca the last Saturday of July, do not miss to participate in the big wine festival of the island in Perachori. Sea excursions and outdoor activities are provided during the summer period as well.

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