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Ferry to Koufonisi - Blue flower pots at Ano Koufonisi island, Cyclades, Greece.
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Take a ferry to Koufonisia, the two heavenly islands in the Cyclades and enjoy one of the most beautiful and natural landscapes with their gorgeous beaches!

Koufonisia is a group of two islands, Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi but only the island of Ano Koufonisi is inhabited which means that visitors will find hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops only in Ano Koufonisi. They are located in the middle of the Aegean sea between Naxos and Amorgos. Both islands are undergoing rapid development while preserving the natural landscapes,the tradition and the colours of the Cyclades.

According to archaeological evidence, Koufonisia have been inhabited at least since the Bronze Age which began in Greece, with the Cycladic civilization in the south Aegean islands around 3200 BC. Many passing cultures have influenced the islands and left behind significant signs of their presence which visitors can see everywhere.

The origin of the name is not certain. According to greek inscriptions Ano Koufonisi (also known as Pano Koufonisi) was also called Fakousa, a name that derived from the shape of the island and Kato Koufonisi was also called Pino, as its shape resembles to a fan mussel (pina). However, according to a second theory, the name means hollow islands (koufa nisia) due to the numerous sea caves all around the islands.

Koufonisia have some of the best beaches you will ever see. Discover the tiny treasures in Chora such as small shops with folk art, take a walk through the cobble road and admire the picturesque lanes or take a romantic stroll by the sea. You will certainly be amazed by the simplicity and relaxed atmosphere of the islands but above all you will be mesmerized by the hospitality and genuineness of the islands.

So book your tickets in advance and enjoy this perfect destination for swimming, walking and peace!

Getting to Koufonisia by ferry

Koufonisia is a favourite destination for those who seek relaxation on their vacations and for those who wish to spend their holidays on golden sand beaches or small natural pools with turquoise waters. Getting to Koufonisia by ferry is really easy, from the main port of Athens, Piraeus, but you can also reach Koufonisia from other islands like Naxos, Paros, Amorgos and Syros.

Piraeus to Koufonisia

There is a quite regular ferry connection between the port of Piraeus in Athens and Koufonisia. Depending on the seasonality there are more than 3 weekly routes and depending on whether you are travelling with a conventional or a high speed ferry the trip duration is from 7 to 9 hours.

Koufonisia ferry port

The port of Koufonisia is in Ano Koufonisi (also known as Pano Koufonisi). It might not have the luxuries of some other islands of the cyclades but it has all the necessary comforts, as it is the only inhabited island of Koufonisia. Pano Koufonisi has become a really popular destination in the last few years but it stills provides unspoiled natural beauty. The most accommodations are located around the port and Chora and visitors will also find a petrol station, 3 mini markets, cafes, a few shops and a children’s playground.

Tip: Please note that there is a daily ferry route from Pano Koufonisi to Kato Koufonisi every hour.

Public Transportation

Koufonisia is a small island and, while Pano Koufonisi does have a small road network, there is no need of using any kind of transport for your transfers.

Please find below some options for you to move around:


There is a local bus serving daily routes from the port to Pori. For more information, you can ask the port offices.

Sea Bus

It departs from the port of Chora and serves routes to specific destinations on Ano and Kato Koufonisi. Ask the port information office for further details.


This is the best option to move around. If you don't have your own you will find a rental spot next to the port.


Only a few taxis are available on the island. To schedule a ride please contact +30 694 504 2548.

Sights and attractions of Koufonisia

Koufonisia are so small that you can easily get around on foot. This is a must visit destination for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of their hectic schedule. Beautiful clear waters, sandy beaches, caves for outlawed pirates of years gone by and today’s adventurous visitors. Enjoy the flavours of the islands and let the magical atmosphere of the islands seduce you.

For your convenience please find below some of the best things to do and see in koufonisi island:

  • Walk or cycle around the island and discover the amazing beaches
  • Visit Karnagio (shipyard) in Loutro area and see how the fishing boats undergo repairs and maintenance inhaling the smell of wooden planks and the freshly varnished fishing boats
  • Take a boat from Pano Koufonisi to the uninhabited islet of Glaronissi that has a lot of lovely caves and crystal water
  • See the windmills that local inhabitants used to plant and harvest wheat
  • Visit the ancient temple and ruins in Kato Koufonisi that has a small church dedicated to Virgin Mary
  • Admire the traditional Church of Agios Georgios in Chora, built in the cycladic style with white walls and a blue dome
  • Take a walk to the Devil’s Eye (Mati tou Diavolou). It is a low cave with a huge hole from where the sea waves gush in
  • Visit the Folk Museum that has exhibits provided by the inhabitants, domestic utensils,old picture frames, agricultural and fishermen tools
  • Go on foot to Parianos Bay where all the fishing boats are sheltered and protected by the wind and enjoy the sunset

Koufonisia Hotels & Resorts

Most hotels, apartments, airbnbs and accomodations in Koufonisia are located in Chora, which is the only village on the island, and within a short walking distance from the port and the village center. Around the hotels there are a few facilities like taverns, shops and cafes,

Find some of the best rated accommodations below for your booking in koufonisia:

  • Teal Blue
  • Pangaia Seaside Hotel
  • Myrto Hotel
  • Oceanides Residence
  • Aegeon Hotel
  • Niriides Boutique Apartments
  • Onar Studios
  • Posidonion Hotel
  • Ammos Stuios
  • Portes Houses
  • Apollon Studios
  • Ioanathan Suites

Beaches in Koufonisia

The two islands of Koufonisia are really popular for relaxing holidays next to the sea, as it is the perfect destination for swimming. Golden coastilines, sandy beaches and still, crystal clear waters are waiting for you to discover. All surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Please check below our guide to the mesmerizing beaches of Koufonisia:

  • Ammos Beach: Located 200 metres from Chora. Sandy beach with turquoise waters. Swim overlooking the fishing boats of the bay
  • Fanos Beach: Located 1,5km east of Chora. A sandy beach, recommended when the winds are blowing northerly and westerly
  • Italida Beach: Located 1.5km northeast of Chora. Also known as Platia Pounda. One of the most popular sandy beaches, totally secluded. Ideal for swimming
  • Gala Beach: Located 4km north east of Chora. Gala is a big hole in the ground containing a small pebbled beach. Swim through the narrow passage to the open sea
  • Hawaii Beach: Located in Kato Koufonisi. One of the most beautiful beaches with golden sand and turquoise waters
  • Finikas Beach: Located 1.5 east of Chora. A non organised, secluded beach with a sandy shore and crystal clear waters
  • Nero Beach: Located in Kato Koufonisi. A large and lengthy beach with sand, tiny pebbles and exotic waters surrounded by palm trees
  • Pisina Beach: Located next to Platia Pounda. Seems like a natural swimming pool
  • Pori Beach: Located 3.5 km northeast of Chora. An amazing beach with soft sand and shallow transparent water. There is one cafe and restaurant
  • Spilia Beach: Located 200-300m. West of the port. A small beach with colourful pebbles, surrounded by cliffs and rocks, perfect for diving

Tip: There are water taxis from Chora to various beaches. It is an alternative and fun way to explore the island!

Island hopping from Koufonisia

The location of the island between the islands of the Cyclades island group in the enticing Aegean sea make it an ideal location for those that would like to take advantage of this opportunity and visit nearby islands. Take a ferry from Koufonisia and don’t miss the chance to visit:

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