Ferry from Morocco to Spain

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Taking a ferry from Morocco to Spain is an exciting adventure from the North African country to the third most visited European country with cultural diversity!

Morocco is the ideal meeting point between Europe and Africa. One of the most popular destinations is the connection between Morocco and Spain from the ports of Tangier and Nador to the ports of Barcelona and Andalusia. No question that it is a great experience for any passenger to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and there are many options with ferries that can offer a relaxed and pleasant journey! Don't miss the opportunity to travel between these amazing countries and book your tickets in advance for a guaranteed travel experience

Main ferry routes and ferry time from Morocco to Spain

From Morocco to Spain the main ferry routes and their durations, are:

  • Tangier Med to Barcelona with a ferry duration from 32 hours to 35 hours
  • Nador to Barcelona with a ferry duration of about 24 hours
  • Tanger Med to Gibraltar with a ferry duration of 1.5 hour

The extent of the ferry time of the routes mentioned above depends on the ferry operator, type of vessel and combination of crossings decided by each shipping company. For the routes with long journey duration, it is advisable to book a cabin for a relaxed voyage.

Morocco to Spain ferry schedules

During the day from Morocco to Spain there are many ferry schedules especially from the port of Tangier to Tarifa and to Algeciras with 13 services and 29 services respectively and from Ceuta to Algeciras with 21 services. From the port of Tangier Med to Barcelona there are almost 5 services weekly while only one service per week is from the port of Nador to Barcelona and Almeria and from Tangier Med to Gibraltar.

Some suggestions for your trip from Morocco to Spain

  • Check the schedules and accommodation options by visiting the user-friendly isferry booking engine and make the best combination based on your needs and requirements
  • In our dedicated Morocco page you will find all necessary information on how to reach the main ports
  • As a favorite destination for thousands of tourists each year, we recommend booking your tickets in advance to secure your reservation
  • There are different prices and offers from various ferry operators so double check the best price for your budget
  • Be sure to arrive early at the port, at least 1 hour prior to departure just in case you have to wait in line
  • Book your ferry tickets from Morocco to Spain in advance and enjoy a great holiday
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Looking for travel ideas?
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