Ferry from Mykonos to Athens

By taking the ferry from Mykonos to Athens, you are departing from one of the top visited Greek islands and arrive in the ports of Piraeus or Rafina in Athens!

Starting mainly from the New Port in Mykonos, frequent conventional and high-speed ferries cross the Aegean Sea and disembark passengers at either Piraeus or Rafina. Travelers can then visit the historical center of Athens or any other area, by using the many and frequent public transportation means. In the following lines, we provide all the needed details for your journey. 

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Traveling from Mykonos to Athens

Traveling from Mykonos to Athens is easy and fast. Passengers have to arrive in Mykonos New Port in Tourlos, a few kilometers north of Chora and board on their ferry. The distance to Piraeus or Rafina is short, hence the journey does not last long regardless the vessel type.

Mykonos to Athens distance

The distance between the New Port of Mykonos and the port of Piraeus is 85 nm (160 km) while Rafina is a little closer to Mykonos, abstaining around 71 nm (130 km).

Mykonos to Athens ferry time

The ferry time from Mykonos to Athens varies according to the type of the vessel, the stops it makes and in which port of Athens it drops its anchor. Generally, the ferry duration is 2.5-5 hours.

High speed or conventional ferry boat from Mykonos to Athens?

Getting from Mykonos to Athens can be achieved either with a conventional or a high speed ferry. Conventional vessels grant travelers the opportunity of bringing their vehicles along and are providing them plenty of amenities on board. High-speeds are much smaller, own less facilities but are much quicker for a slightly higher cost.

Useful tips for your arrival in Athens

If you are disembarking in Piraeus port:

  • There are bus stops just outside the port facilities and many taxis awaiting to pick you up
  • Athens center abstains only 10 km from the harbor
  • You can find plenty of restaurants, cafeterias, shopping centers and hotels around

If you are disembarking in Rafina port:

  • There are taxis and frequent buses running towards Athens center and to Athens International Airport
  • Rafina is located in the eastern suburbs of Athens which are attractive to tourists and to Athenians who spend their summer weekends there
  • Rafina’s road infrastructure towards Athens is very well developed
Map of New Ferry Port of Mykonos in Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Mykonos (New Port)

  • New Port
  • Tourlos, 846 00 Mykonos, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 902 8933
  • GPS: 37.466132, 25.322824
Map of Old Ferry Port of Mykonos on Cyclades Islands in Greece

Ferry Port Mykonos (Old Port)

  • Old Port
  • Mykonos Town, 846 00 Mykonos, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 228 902 8933
  • GPS: 37.451178, 25.327796
Map of Ferry Port of Piraeus in Attica Greece

Ferry Port Piraeus

  • 185 45 Piraeus, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 210 455 0100
  • GPS: 37.945465, 23.642767