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Ferry to Mykonos - Scenic view of the old town on the Greek island of Mykonos. Cactus and white villa.
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Passengers who are traveling with the ferry to Mykonos disembark on a worldwide famous Cycladic island mostly known for its luxuries and never-ending nightlife!

Crystal clear and transparent waters, long sandy beaches accompanied with bars and music, luxurious hotels, restaurants and a very lively nightlife are the things Mykonos is known for and make it up for its barren landscape. It is a dry and rather flat island with a flora far from rich but people who visit it have a purpose and know exactly why they do it. Nevertheless, the Cycladic architecture cannot be missed by the time the picturesque port is in the range of your view. Small houses in the shapes of cubes, painted with the Greek characteristic blue-white colors and narrow paved paths full of boutiques can be found in the island’s main town, Chora.

It is worth noting that Mykonos is a Greek Cycladic Island that has been a tourist attraction for more than 100 years and most renowned for its all-day and all-night parties but it also has another side that can provide perfect relaxation away from big crowds and noise. Someone can find everything on Mykonos island if he searches a bit deeper.

Make your booking with Mykonos ferries now and not later since the island gets really crowded in summer months therefore it is possible that you will not find any ferry tickets or accommodation.

Getting to Mykonos by ferry

Getting to Mykonos can be achieved either from the Greek mainland ports of Piraeus and Rafina in Athens as well as from many islands. Board on the ferry from Athens to Mykonos and reach the island in about 2.30 to 3 hours if you are traveling with a high-speed vessel and in about 5 to 7 hours with a conventional one, always depending on the port of departure and the number of stopovers. Note that using the ferry is not only the cheapest way to get to Mykonos but also the most exciting one since you get to admire the beautiful endless blue sea and feel the summer breeze.

Athens to Mykonos ferry

The Athens to Mykonos ferry departs from the port of Piraeus and from the port of Rafina as well. Starting from Piraeus you will pass through Syros and Tinos while starting from Rafina the ships stop at Andros and Tinos. There are many itineraries occurring daily since Mykonos has high traffic, especially in high season months.

Piraeus to Mykonos ferry

With the Piraeus to Mykonos ferry, it is possible to reach your desired island, Mykonos, in a minimum of 2.30 hours and a maximum of 7 depending on the stopovers, ferry company and vessel type that will be responsible for your journey. Both conventional and high-speed ships execute routes with the conventional ones being more comfortable, cheaper and allowing you to bring your car along while the high-speeds are way faster, a bit more expensive and will take you there in a glimpse. There are some exceptions of of high-speed ships that can transfer vehicles. The online booking engine of isFerry will display all your alternatives!

Rafina ferry to Mykonos

The graphical port of Rafina in the eastern Greek mainland is another spot to start your journeys to the island of winds, Mykonos. There are schedules happening early in the morning and in the evening too in order to cover all passengers’ needs. It is notable to mention that taking the Rafina ferry to Mykonos is a more popular choice due to the fact that Rafina is closer to Mykonos than Piraeus is, thus, the voyage lasts shorter in a maximum of 4 hours.

Mykonos ferry port

There are two ports on the island, the old and the new Mykonos ferry port, which are both running routes. The old port was the island’s main port of interest 15 years ago. Nowadays, companies with bigger ships use the new Mykonos port for their departures and arrivals while smaller ones like high-speed vessels or local boats dock at the old port.

New Port Mykonos

The New Port Mykonos is just 2 kilometers away from Chora, based in Tourlos. It is serving the most routes, especially those made by ferry companies with big conventional passenger ferries. It is worth mentioning that depending on weather conditions and naval traffic, the port of departure or arrival may change.

Old Port Mykonos

Located in the main town, the Old Port Mykonos used to be the main port of the island since some years ago. Nowadays, it serves some routes of smaller vessels like hydrofoils and catamarans and is also used for yacht docking and by local fishermen.

Mykonos port to town

If you wish to go from Mykonos port to town, next to the ports you will be able to find a taxi stand, a bus station and a few meters away, the sea bus station. Using the bus or the sea bus is the wisest choice since there are only 35 taxis and are occupied all the time in the summer season.


There is a public bus transfer service with frequent daily connections to and from Mykonos’ Ports (Old port and Tourlos port). For more information, please visit the Mykonos' port bus or call +30 22890 23360, +30 22890 26797.


In order to schedule a taxi transfer, please visit the Mykonos’ port taxis or call +30 22890 23700, +30 22890 22400. Please note that there are only 35 taxis on Mykonos thus, the queues are very long, especially in the evening hours.

Sea Bus

With the sea bus, the transportation between the Old Port of Mykonos in the city center (Chora) and the new one in Tourlos and vice versa is faster and easier. Frequent daily connections are available (every 30 minutes) and the trip duration is 8 minutes. You will find the sea bus terminals very near the two ports. Please, call +30 697 883 0355 for more information.

Mykonos port to airport

Mykonos airport is situated approx. 3.5 kilometers away from Chora and the Old Port so the journey is not more than 10 minutes by car. In order to reach the New Port, you will have to travel for a maximum of 5 minutes more. Below, you can check the transportation options you have for Mykonos Port to Airport and the other way around.


With the price of 2 Euros and in around 25 minutes you can travel between the Old Port and the airport. Please, visit the Mykonos bus for the itineraries.


Definitely the most convenient way of getting around but also the most expensive. Get to Mykonos new port from the airport and vice versa in less than 10 minutes with a taxi.

Mykonos holidays

It is guaranteed that your Mykonos holidays will be unique and memorable because the island is one of a kind. A big variety of hotels, luxurious or budget-friendly with beautiful facilities and welcoming staff, all-inclusive resorts with meals, pools and activities included are waiting to host you. Countless beaches, organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, service and loud music where in the afternoon the parties start but also secluded ones where you can hear the waves hit the shore under the hot summer sun. The bars and clubs are everywhere and they are presenting all-day and all-night parties. In Mykonos someone can find many eating places with some of them having worldwide famous chefs in their cuisines, serving Greek but also international delicious gastronomies. Last but not least, you should not forget to take a look at the popular Mykonos windmills which are a frequent spot for pictures and of course, to stroll around Little Venice near Mykonos town.

Below, we will refer to some of the finest hotels, beaches and bars-clubs according to customer reviews.

Mykonos hotels

On the island, it is possible to find plenty of accommodation choices, from affordable ones to very luxurious 5-star dreamy hotels. In the last few years, the options of where to stay have increased rapidly since Mykonos seems to be a favorite summer destination.

Except for a hotel, you have the alternative of booking an Airbnb in Mykonos or even a villa. Here are some of the best hotels in Mykonos:

  • Cavo Tagoo
  • Santa Marina
  • Branco
  • Semeli Hotel
  • Rocabella
  • Princess Hotel
  • Leto Hotel
  • Petinos Hotel
  • The George Hotel
  • Jackie O

Mykonos beaches

The cold but crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea surround the entire island. No matter which beach you choose to spend your time, either private or public, pebbly or sandy, the refreshing and transparent water is guaranteed.

Nobody can say which is the best beach in Mykonos. All of them are unique and are recommended for visiting one by one. Some Mykonos beaches to start with are:

  • Tropicana
  • Elia Beach
  • Ornos Beach
  • Panormos
  • Paraga Beach
  • Psarou Beach
  • Agios Sostis
  • Kalo Livadi
  • Super Paradise
  • Kapari Beach
  • Merchia Beach

Mykonos clubs

In Mykonos town, the heart of the island, there are too many options to drink a cocktail under the sounds of electronic, jazz, house or rock music. From small and graphical bars to huge clubs facing the sea with lights up to the sky, the only sure thing is that the night is going to be long.

Mykonos clubs, beach bars and bars have very high traffic both day and night. There are infinite options, from small ones to huge hosting worldwide famous DJs.

  • Cavo Paradiso
  • Super Paradise Beach Club
  • Tropicana Beach Club
  • Scorpios
  • Void
  • Scandinavian Bar
  • Astra Club

Day trips from Mykonos

After you have enjoyed your stay in the stunning island and you feel you want to see more, then you can book day trips with ferries from Mykonos to the close Cycladic Islands or even to the further but favorite, Crete. There are frequent daily connections departing early in the morning and returning late in the evening and their prices are affordable, so be sure to organize one and feel the Greek island hopping experience.

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