Ferry from Naples to Sicily

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Hop on the ferry from Naples to Sicily and experience an enjoyable journey across the Tyrrhenian Sea from Italy’s west coast to its largest and alluring island!

There are several ferry boats from Naples to Palermo and to Termini Imerese in Sicily’s north side. It is notable to mention that ships for the particular routes, depart from Naples main port (Molo Beverello). Both popular crossings which occur all year long and get denser in the months between April and September.

Ferry duration from Naples to Sicily

The ferry duration from Naples to Sicily varies, mostly according to which will be the port of your arrival but also in what kind of vessel you boarded on.

Naples to Palermo ferry: the duration of the journey is 9 to 11 hours

Naples to Termini Imerese ferry: the average travel duration is around 9.5 hours

Distance between Naples and Sicily (Palermo)

The total distance between Naples and Sicily’s Palermo is 314 kilometers (169.5 nautical miles).

Getting from Naples to Sicily with a conventional ferry

Getting from Naples to Sicily is currently attainable only with a conventional ferry. Else called regular or car/passenger ferries, they are providing many facilities and amenities on board. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the summer breeze on the open deck while crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Schedule of ferries from Naples to Sicily

The schedule of the ferries from Naples to Sicily, includes frequent connections to Palermo. There are at least 2 daily ferries operating throughout the year and in summer months, they usually increase.
Moreover, routes to Termini Imerese are occurring as well with at least 1 weekly regular ferry.

Tips for your Napoli to Sicily ferry route

  • In order to get details about reaching the port of Naples (Molo Beverello), you can take a look at Naples' dedicated page
  • Please, ensure that your arrival at Naples port will be at least 2 hours before your departure (if you are carrying your vehicle along)
  • Give a look to our Sicily page to obtain information about your holidays on the island
  • Have in mind that Sicily is a favorite summer destination, so consider booking your ferry tickets from Naples to Sicily in advance
  • The simple isferry booking engine, gives you the opportunity to check all available ferry schedules and compare prices so as to reserve what suits you the most
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